My Wounded Brother

My brother passed early this morning. He just got out of prison and I didn't know. He could not walk so he hurt himself and ended up in the hospital. I just found out from my uncle he had been there for 25 days. He has schizophrenia he would only be coherent twice. He had aids and blood clots from two surgeries.
I miss my brother the way he used to be, we shared the Lord together. Yes I have peace that he does not hurt any more. My heart hurts
trulyyours55 trulyyours55
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2 Responses May 12, 2012

I'm sorry this happened to you, I can see things could be much worse as in your case, my condolences for your brothers pass, its an inevitable thing, I watched a documentary today regarding near death experiences, I think it might console you to watch it, it made me feel more reassured that there might be life after death and if so, then your pardon from your brothers presence is only temporary. With much care.

So sorry for your loss...