Unconditionaly Loved

Destiny, Soul Mate and Made for Each Other. These three things I do not believe in. I don't believe that the lives of two people are destined to be tied, that somewhere out there a person walks the Earth in search of you. I don't believe there is a soul that is suited to your own, that by some cosmic chance yours is tied to someone elses. Which makes the "Made for Each Other" Invalid. But Unconditional Love is what I live my life by. If your in love with the person you're sitting next to, in bed at night. Look at them and ask yourself why? It's not because of the three things mention before, it is because you fell in love with who he/she was, is and will be. I was a lonely man for the first twenty nine years of my life, you know the "Overweight nerd with glasses virgin" kind. lol But then I met a woman, she was kind, loving and just a wonderful person, so we got together. We were quite the pair her and I, we did everything together, after a while we tied the knot and it all went to hell. For ten years it was I don't like that show, I don't like that kind of music, I don't like that you draw comics!!!! I was like "What the hell? What happened to the person I fell in love with? After the first year of marriage I began to just endure, And then the physical abuse began. Slaps in the arm, verbal abuse, she just made my life a living hell. I had to give up my comic collection, my action figure collections and even my bass guitar. I stopped watching TV because it was always "She's a ***** this and she's a ***** that" and that was just a bikini comercial!!! lol I endured for the next nine years and she became a brick wall, I could not move her one bit. Well , after ten years, on our tenth Anniversary, I asked her to leave, no I begged her to leave. I want you to know, that if someone loves you, it is because you are who you are, and that if you get married, as for the "You become as One" part, yes you become a conjugal, a pair, but you remain an individual, with likes, wants and needs. If you go around changing the person you fell in love with, why love that person at all? Find someone you really want to be with, and is as boring as you want them to be, and leave us be who we are. After three years, I found a Lovely lady who is so laid back, and loves me for who I am. We've been together for almost three years now and she is a slice of heaven. And I want her just the way she wants to be. And finaly I can be me. There are no "Conditions".  
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I love you so much