Unshakable Feeling...has Anyone Else Felt This Way? And What Happened?

There is someone who I met, and because of circumstance see each other quite regularly, but on a professional basis. From the moment I seen him Im sure I fell in love with him, as insane as that sounds. I have felt the same way ever since, and I know this feeling will never go away, it doesnt fade. I physically feel something in his presence, sometimes so intense my whole body shakes. I know he likes me as well, I can see it in his eyes, in the way he reacts to me, I have an effect on him too. However he has been involved with another girl since before I met him, and they are getting married. In one instance I even gave him a note saying how I felt about him, I think he was surprised, I am glad I did, I wanted him to know that I think hes very special. I know it sounds really bad but I am sure he will be mine and is the man for me. Also its not because im lonely, I have many options but no body interests me, i dont believe in being with another person just for the sake of it.
I wanted to know if anyone else has felt such intense feeling upon meeting someone and if it turned out positively?
candygirl1111 candygirl1111
May 20, 2012