Truly In Love Finally

Just like someone else had wrote. I only fell in love in my early 30's that is when I say I truly grew up and became a real woman. Before I was and I will admit a GOLDGIGGER who flirted with different men and so you can say I was on a path of destruction. I felt a man only truly cared for you when he verbally abused you as well physically abused you. I can't tell you how much BULL---- I put up with at the hands of these men. All the while a good friend of mine(who was male) but not my type just showed me he was MY FRIEND. Around him I could always just be my self and he always respected me and treated me like a lady. something I was not use too. I really cant tell you how it all happened but eventually it did and for that I am forever grateful. I guess you can say I grew up and saw him as the decent,loving man that he is and in my book will always be. Unfortunately I believe and he stands by the fact that he was wrongfully accused and convicted of a terrible crime and sentenced to 10 long years. I know a lot of people may not understand this but in those 10 years I will never ever look at another man. This is true love and I will be his forever just like I hope he will be mine forever.
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May 27, 2012