Someone Only A Mother Could Love

I know there is unconditional love, because I am a product of in cest and my mother never abused me, she did right by me, she did her best to the best of her ability. She never even really had a mom, considering her mom died when she was young. Her dad started molesting her when she was a little girl. Her mom called her a lier. After her mom passed her dad turned my mom into his mini- wife. She was the oldest of three girls, and five boys, and she took care of everybody. I am one of five of the kids born thru father/daughter in cest, with three of us still living. I have a lot of health problems, and mental/emotional issues, but it has never stopped my mom from being loyal to me and especially to my daughter. Not once has she made me feel unloved because of the way I was born. She has put herself through hell to help me for the most part. So for me, I know that true and unconditional love exists.
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1 Response Aug 25, 2012

That's wonderful. I believe one of the greatest kinds of love which exist is that between mother and child, or to put it more broadly between parent and child :)