My One True Love.

When i was in middle school i met a guy who would **** me the hell of everyday. Days when he would go to school where my happiest days. I'd verbally fight with him and try to get him mad whenever i had the chance just because his anger made me happy. Well eventually we graduated from middle school and i was glad i'd never have to see that guy again. Summer passed, high school started, i moved on and life was great. I walked into my last period class of my first day of school and saw a couple of people i didn't mind sitting next to until i noticed a tall guy with a nice set of hair. He caught my eye even though i couldn't really see his face all that well. I sat there and talked with the guys next to him but the mysterious guy never talked. I was about to ask if he was a new kid until i noticed my friends where watching hentei on a psp. I looked away and noticed that the new guy wasnt watching it with. I asked why and he just shrugged. It took me two weeks into school to notice that this new guy who caught my attention was the same annoying as hell guy from middle school.
At first i didnt know whether or not to continue the friendship we had made these few days because of all the offensive things we'd say and do to eachother. I talked with a few of my friends and eventually decided that he deserved a second chance so we continued to talk. A month after officially becoming the best of friends i was sitting on my porch when i realized i couldnt stop thinking about him and wondering why he hadnt gone to school and came to the realization that the boy i once hated with the passion of a thousand suns had stolen my heart and swept me off my feet. I told a few of my friends and long story short all my friends told me he had the same feelings for me but i refused to believe. The reason why? A girl by the name of Flor. She was my best friend and on the day i had built up the courage to tell him she announced she had a crush on him. Seeing that she was my best friend i decided to put my feelings aside and let her have a go at it. Besides how can two people who hated each other be with each other. I let him get away. The sight of him crushed my heart and made me feel weak and it got worse when she was with him.
However, he refused. Her affection, her flirts, her comments; he ignored them all. Not once acknowledged her question of them becoming a couple or gave her a second glance. People hinted it was because he liked me and not her but i was to blind to see. I was so set on the fact that he had chosen her. It wasnt until Valentines day came that mustered up the courage and I asked why he didn't make her his valentine and he told me that he liked someone else that the spark in me restarted. I started to talk with him, text, laugh, joke around, and all I could with him. I honestly felt as if i was falling for him but it was hard to admit and hard to accept because in my mind their was no possibility of us being together. The year was almost over and I was positive I had fallen for him so the day of my birthday when my mom gave me an option of having an ipod or cellphone with unlimited texting I immediately chose the phone because it would mean a longer conversation with him. I never knew that that would be the best choice id ever make in my life. That night as we ran out of things to talk about we finally admitted our feelings to eachother and became a couple.
To this day (4 years later) I still feel the same way i did when i first got with him. His smile brings sweet memories and butterflies to my tummy. I can look straight into his eyes and feel the same love and passion I did (possibly more) as when i first told him i love you. We've had our ups and downs but everytime we had a problem we bounced back up stronger than before. I love him with all my heart and even though im 19 and people believe im to young to love someone or commit to someone but honestly we are both in colleges that 3 hours away so i spends months meeting and making new friends and i have yet to find anyone who can take him out of my mind or make me close to being close to being unfaithful. I love him with my heart and soul.
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That's sweet! <3

thank you :)

I am glad he gave you a second chance as well. I am so happy for you =)

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