I believe this is a sweet story. I changed the name, but the story is true.  It's taught me that the only see's love.

Eunice is a great-great grandmother.  Eunice is an African American woman, short in height and strong in stature and she has a sweet, kind face which hides the can of whip a** she can put out if the grand kids act up.   She kinda fills in at her daughters business in their home.  Every time I went there, I always saw this much, much younger, say late 20's white guy.  Pale, long dark hair and looks as if he could be in a Shakespeare play.  Elizabethan  sort of.

I finally figured out they were a couple.  Humm.  I admit, at first, I laughed t myself and thought all the silly closed minded things I think most anyone would.  If nothing was gross and weird.  No way there could be love between two people so opposite.  Just no way. He musta needed a mother figure and she wanted to feel young again.  Couldn't be anything else.  Logically.

I guess I've been doing business with them over two years.  I see them often.  I have always observed then, how they interact, how they treat one another.  And it was one afternoon last summer I realized how wrong I was about the reasons they are together.  I saw the way he treated her...with such love and caring.  Genuine.  She looks at him in the way I think I would look at someone I love and she takes care of he does her. 

I don't know how they got together, or how they make it work, but for works.  It's shown me that love transcends mans idea of what it is or how it should be. Maybe things are the way they are cause we follow mans version of love....and not our own hearts.  I don't know.  But, the love and respect I feel from them is more than I have felt when I've been around other couples thru life. 

That summer, he walked out to her with her cell phone....He said "baby, your phones ringing".  I smiled and drove away so thankful that there are real love stories and people who really are blessed. Age, weight, social status, none of that matters to the heart.  It never has.  It never will.  I understand even more clearly what unconditional love really is.  To have it and share it has got to be one of the biggest blessing of life. 

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Knowing unconditional love is knowing unconditional success. Love is success. Purely. Delightfully. Lovely. Successful. There is none higher.