Hey I'm in love with my best friend to the point where I just cant shut up about it. We had some really special moments. for instance the first time we kissed since we were 13 which im 21 now so that was a long time and it was so passionate and I've never had a kiss that felt like that before. Then we even danced in the rain outside my house one time and not grinding dancing but ballroom dancing and it was like in those movies. he brings out my inner child and its weird that im still nervous around him even though I've known him 9years now and its weord because yea I kno you get nervous around the person you like but it usually goes away and it has to mean something if im still nervous after 9 years. O boy and then when we had sex for the first time omg it was awesome like it really was the best I ever had because it was more than just sex it was meaningful and was beautiful like if anyone ever ask if we had sex I would say we made love because it felt more than just sex. and just talk about the way he kisses my body no one has ever kissed my body to feel that was just YES! Oh man then every time he kisses my hand it gets really warm and if were in the car w/heat on and he kisses my hand it sweats. Man im in love what more can I say. The only problem is he doesn't love me back :( but I cant let him go because hes my been my best friend 9years and good friends are hard to come across and I don't wanna lose him so unfortunately I have to hide my feelings for him cause I rather keep someone I love as my friends then to lose him
icequeen91 icequeen91
26-30, F
Feb 11, 2013