My religion.
It was about nine years ago in the livingroom at the Lightening Tree in a deep conversation with Stu that it came to me. Where it was before I do not know, aimlessly wandering around the ether like a stray dog looking for crumb or shelter, did it spontaneously create, did I just think it into existence, I really do not know. It was not there and then it was a bit like Kanga and Roo, it just appeared in the 100acre wood of my mind. “I am going to start a new religion.” I did not know what to do with it. As a thought I found it quite troublesome, I knew it was going to be trouble, that it would send me a bit mad and when I felt I was sane others would be less convinced. I suppose I knew it was not a bad thought just an unpopular one, like the swatty, fat kid with glasses, ginger hair, and bad body odour but at times I felt it had great potential, I could not banish it, throw it out and forget about it, I felt that this thought needed love and it would eventually grow into itself.

Thoughts are entities they survive or die depending on the believers that wish to entertain them. They are subject to the same evolutionary pressures as any other entity they are propagated by belief and every time a child says that fairies do not exist a fairy dies. I was not going to let this thought die. For years I have wrestled with it amending my definition of religion and god until it was easier to carry around with me however it was not one of those thoughts that you can easily just bring out and casually slip into light conversation, heaven forbid ( and it feels like it does). I want this thought to grow in me and to surround myself with people where it is as common as the weather. I think that it is a truly exciting thought and one that should be grabbed back by our souls since it has been squashed by peddled lies.
If I get just one other person to love that thought then all this was not in vain. If there is anybody out there that is planning to allow this thought to sit in them then this book may help as I have learnt a thing or two about this little doughnut.
Firstly I had to define what it was that I meant by a religion and obviously I was going to make this easy for myself. A religion is a bond.
Middle English (originally in the sense 'life under monastic vows'): from Old French, or from Latinreligio(n-) 'obligation, bond, reverence', perhaps based on Latin religare 'to bind'.
“I am going to start a new bond of obligation and reverence with somebody” that would mean the same thing. So for me religion is that bond of belief, it is when two or more people are bound together by the similarities in their beliefs in the nature of consciousness. Religion is the overlap of the Venn diagram of two separate conscious entities. I sigh, a big sigh, I breath again it is almost sounding within the normal distribution of conversation. “I am just looking for a bond with somebody that believes in the same sort of **** that spins out my head.” But it is not quite the same because the word religion has been ripped from its position, it cannot be simply sanitized and washed of all its repugnant, history and blood stains. At this point the original thought has turned and is walking once more out into the cold and damp of the winter’s night unloved and misunderstood, until once again I call it back in, reluctantly, and reassure it.
I have had many people say just change the word religion and then that would be fine. It would be like changing the word fairy for figment.
What that word does do with all its weight and history is demand, it demands explanation.

Chapter 2
Cosciousness, does it derive from matter or does matter derive itself from consciousness? All I know is that they are linked and that the complexity of consciousness is related to the consciousness of matter. We are lead to believe that E=MC2 so energy and Matter are interchangeable and we can measure mass in Teraelectron Volts . We know that of all the matter and energy in the universe 96% is dark energy and dark matter and we also cannot quite work out where all of the antimatter has gone to. Of the 4% of matter that is left and appears on the periodic table 3.6% is merely intergalactic dust with only 0.4% making up all of the stars and planets in all of the galaxies. The inconceivably miniscule amount of matter that interlinks with my meagre conscious sphere is so small that I find it inconceivable that there is not a consciousness greater than mine connected to the rest of matter in existence and we are still just in the lower dimensions. Even this is just what I have been told. What is my experience when I dwell on this? What is my experience of my deepest consciousness? What rings true for me? What makes me feel the elation of the bond the connection with the higher consciousness that I believe exists? Firstly the humble knowledge that my only truth is my experience and as all experience is different there are an equal number of truths as experiences.
So who controls my experience? Do I? Is my experience controlled by me? Am I the subject or the object of that control? Can I give over my control of my experience to others?
When I think like this then I sense the endless possibilities. One of my earliest memories of deep thought was when I was very young 6 perhaps 7 and I had been told about space and how it was endless. I remember thinking about the fact that it must end but if it ended with a brick wall what was beyond the brick wall. My mind touched on the concept of infinity. This for me is the most important concept of all as it is so simple and within it are hidden truths that are so fundamental that I share its understanding with others and therefore the possibility of a meaningful bond. I have spoken to many people that had very early experiences with the concept of infinity and the wonder of it, Infinity means that whatever occurs can surely be repeated.
It is best to watch the various youtube clips explaining different dimensions as it is in this expansion of possibility that my consciousness is drawn to if I am hunting for a framework on which to hang my experience that I feel is a link with others. The only concepts that need to be understood are everlasting, infinity, world without end, happy ever after, unbounded love, or any of the infinite ways of expressing the infinite.
Dimension 0 this a single point with no depth or height or breadth and yet within it all that is can be contained. The total inconceivability of this concept which is at the centre of all is so beautiful. All contained in nothing. All infinities collapsed in on themselves. When imagining it one cannot help it, it just happens, try it, try imagine such a deity, a point that contains everything but is nothing. The point before the big bang. All though everything is contained in it in your imagination when you imagine it, you are not. |You are not inside it. You are separate from it. Your consciousness has separated from the consciousness that is all and you experience this very deeply. Draw a line in the first dimension between you and this point of all infinities draw a single line, an endless line imagine as if you were a child, ask yourself the question what is at the end of the line? What is at the end of the universe.? Realize how familiar this thought is to you, how natural, how every child back in the depths of time, from whatever creed or culture, age or epoch has thought this thought it is the basis of what unites. However where are you? Where are you on the line? You are on it. You are at one end looking and searching down the tunnel of your imagination for what is at the other end of infinity. Dimension 1 is the only dimension within which you are naturally within it. In fact you are at one end of infinity looking for what is at the other end. At the other end is dimension 0 a point in which all infinities are contained, God or whatever it is that you care to imagine but beware.
A few years ago we had a Milawian lad stay with us for a year, he was 17 and the deepest thinker I have known. We were once describing the loneliness of God and he said lokked at me with those corneas beaming white from his young black face and said with total compassion, firsthand experience and a unnerving paternal confidence.
“Do not think about this for too long you will have a nervous breakdown.”
I believe him, and we tend not to dwell on the only dimension we innately experience from the inside. It is, whether we like it or not within this single heightless, breadthless line that we truly experience. It is here that we experience the intensity of lonliness, our separation from God.
I am using the term God without defining what it is that I mean by it but it is simply what it is that you feel separate from on the single dimensional line on which you exist. In this dimension there is no other relationship other than your separation from God, there is no form, there is no matter therefore no energy, there is no time and there is no thought or emotions within the consciousness that is as these all require higher dimensions all there is in dimension 1 is information. Along an infinite line there is infinite fluctuations and infinite repeats of those fluctuations and there is no emotion just pure unadulterated fact that you are separate it is only when viewed through our eyes and hearts that exist in higher dimensions that we feel the fear of our actual existence on this single matt
It was only recently that I heard a headline on the radio that at Cern scientists have managed to separate matter from what it does. This blew my mind as it is what I feel in dimension 1 all properties of matter exist without the matter, the attraction, the repulsion, the spin, exist and do not exist in infinite combinations along an emotionless, thoughtless, matterless line which is the true nature of actual consciousness. Does Love exist on this line? Pure unconditional, unbounded and therefore irrational love does that exist in dimension 1, in the place that contains my very essense? How can it? Love is all powerful permeates everything and the information that is contained along that single line is the purest love a love that is so pure that we can only imagine as we are moved so far into the world of higher dimensions that this love is obscured. So how have I become separate from love, my true existence, and the 1st dimension?
We can sit with our existence and remain in the enlightened state of the single dimension of our true reality or we can venture off at our discretion whether we chose to eat the apple from the forbidden tree or take the blue pill, we know this choice it is deep in our psyche. It is why pulls us away when we meditate. We all know that meditation works but we do not all practice it because we are deeply fascinated with the dark side the unloving. We have a deep sense in the lie that there has to be hate to have love that there has to be dark for there to be light. It is that fundamental similarity with all of us it is the belief that we have chosen. It is our journey of adventure into the mountains of the unknown.
Love does have one prerequisite which is separation. If there is no separation then love as we perceive it cannot exist and it is that belief which drives us away from our own true selves. Is it true? I do not know but I know that it is the reality of my felt sense. So where from here? As the song says “The only way is up.” And up drives us into another dimension As soon as we observe out true self from another dimension so we are no longer on the line then from that point on we have created a new consciousness the observer. There is now two of us.
I (subject) do not feel myself(object) today. We do not flinch at this sentence because it is the truth of our reality we are the observer and the observed.
So when we move up and look down on our true self and the formless information endlessly repeating itself what do we see?. Of what are we aware? The separation of our true selves from God and the separation of our true selves from the observer within the higher dimension observing ourselves. Here starts the first step into complexity. Even at this level it is complex but it is the simple trinity, God (dimension 0), our trueself (dimension1) and the observer (in dimension 2) each time from now on we try to make sense of the complexity which we find within our consciousness, we go at right angles to the dimension below up into a higher dimension, only to find greater and greater levels of complexity when we look down at what it was that we were finding difficult in the first place. In dimension 1 there was information in dimension 2 there are relationships between the pieces of information. Still no form matter, energy, time, thought or emotion.
As soon as we conceive relationships and observe the infinite complexity of the possibility of relationships between the pieces of information within our true selves we conceive the possibility of other selves and other lines of information and the possibility of their interaction with ourselves and each other possible, each individual self has infinite possibility and each self has infinite ways of relating with the infinite number of other selves. We find ourselves looking down on the plain of dimension 2, from above now in dimension 3 , at an infinitely complex plain of relationships of infinite numbers of entities and these interactions form new entities. Our consciousness however is not infinite or rather we have chosen to limit its infinite ness so we prioritize the relationships that we wish to have and the ones we wish not to have within our realm of being. These are still so vast and complex that the observer fails to see its true self or the relevance of its true self in this huge complex entanglement. It recognizes its own ego and completely fails to see how it relates to the true self in this situation and so you guessed it.
Observed from this higher dimension (4) the relationships themselves are able to spread into the third dimension and take form and this form allows infinite possibilities for each set of relationship. The observing self observes the 3 dimensional world and the true self becomes less important as it is just one solitary one dimensional line within the three dimensional world.. What is also becoming increasingly lost is the infinite nature of the true self as we continue to limit ourselves in our quest for understanding.
I cannot conceive a changeless world because I have always viewed relationships in a frame that alters regularly and I can only imagine it by some representation such as a painting or a drawing. It is no small wonder that these 2 dimensional representations of unchanging relationships of single dimensional, information holding, lines crossing infinitely across a 2 dimensional surface drags us back a step to our true nature and is by far the most expensive artistic medium. This is followed by sculpture however no punter is going to pay a million pounds for a performance because it changes. A performance however will appeal to the masses in a way that a painting will struggle to do. It is not that we cannot appreciate relationships without change it is just that we regard them as representational as opposed to being closer to the truth.
We view the three dimensional world through the forth dimension of change, of movement of duration. At this point I return to Love because it is here that we live and breath in these four dimensions and it is here that we communicate in a language that is based on all four. It is here like travellers the bulk of us settle and call home. It is here that love can blossom, flourish, whither and die, turn and bite the hand that feeds it, or rip out its heart at the top of a pyramid to demonstrate its love of God. All is done in the name of love. All is done in the name of love, Love is infinitely cruel or infinitely kind the boundaries top and bottom are the limits that I imposed on it. I have mastered my own reality and so have we all that is the cost of freedom. If I wish for an unconditional compassionate love to rule supreme in my world then I must make that my reality using the infinite possibilities that are available to me. The question is do I? Is there not a glitch in me in my true self in that infinite line of information that is not kind? Ofcourse there is but I am not alone I live in this beautiful multidimensional world where I, inwardly and outwardly, consist of an infinite number of ever changing relationships of infinite political complexity and within that amalgam there is consensus. The centre of the normal distribution is desire for a compassionate world.
It is not what I feel, I do not sense the compassion of humanity or for humanity, I feel the greed and the vanity sucking the lifeblood from the belly of the Earth to belch black fumes into the serene blue sky. I see people driven by their wants and not their needs, I see war, confrontation and I know I have brought all this feeling on myself. I can change as much as I truly believe that I can change. How? How? I slip away from myself at right angles to the time line that is myself and observe from the sixth dimension the fifth.
I am nolonger in that instantly reactive state of now with a fixed past and future. There are infinite futures depending on what I do now and there are infinite futures depending on what I do next week and there is the true rub. This is where we know that we do not truly belong in this space because the maths suddenly is counter intuitive to our felt sense because if we can change our futures and all futures are open to us then the same must be true of our pasts we can change our past or we could if we truly all believed and were willing to drag this dimension into our reality. There is no difference in changing the future to changing the past. This is deep thought. Deep thought is when you try to drag another dimensional space into your reality and this is just one of the many ways. Due to the finite nature of our consciousness thinking in this way means that the depth of understanding in other areas suffers and often such thinkers become introverted and I often say I spot them like fellow vampires and we while a way a few hours as we suck the blood out of life and breath again.
We all think and thinking is the space in which we plan and worry about the future and regret and “what if” about the past. We do not regard this dimension as solid as lower dimensions and the possibility of being able to change the past is frightening in the gross uncertainty of how it would effect all relationships if one could undo past actions. It would change the whole fabric. Real fear sits in this lack of understanding of the fifth dimension. We know it exists because it is from this dimension that we think about our lives in the dimensions below but to go up to the sixth dimension and look at the fifth. To examine the ever increasing matrix of mushrooming infinities making anything and everything more and more possible it is frightening, enlightening, exciting, very very sexy, it is sad, happy, competitive sometimes and other times very very lonely. All the emotions and feelings possible for every past memory and every future event as you watch.
You are in the sixth dimension watching feeling, deeply feeling, the full spectrum of possible emotions for each possible past and future that you could possibly imagine there you are watching from the seventh dimension. The total limit of the possibility that is yours to choose from that is what you separated yourself from when taking the bite of the apple in the garden of Eden. You chose to limit yourself.

How can you unlimit yourself? I feel it is through obedience. .Obedience is the best way of co-operating with others in challenging circumstances. Obedience is completely liberating as long as there is no control. Obedience is given, control is taken. Choose who and what it is that you wish to obey and obey it or them but make sure you chose and they or it do not chose you. The person that wishes to be obedient must choose their rule or master. If it is the other way around then it is control and it will lead to entrapment. Never let a master chose you and never let a rule govern you against your will. Do not let any person master you for too long or a rule govern you without regular re-evaluation. Obedience is about stretching boundaries of possibility beyond that which you stretched yourself before, this is a gentle process boundaries are elastic but must not be broken. Your master is your trainer leading you to your ends, aims and desires the reason you chose your rule or master is purely on the grounds that you believe that they will get you along the route you wish to follow. Your master is your servant. As soon as you have travelled the distance you wish to travel with a particular master move on. If you wish to stay with a master then you must equally be theirs. Why is obedience so important? Obedience is fundamentally about agreement and not about discord, the growth from agreement is enormous disagreement just deflates. If you disagree with your master get another master. If your master asks you to do something that you do not feel is right tell them, if they make you do it, get another master. . You owe your loyalty to yourself not to any other entity. Only give your master a few hours of your week.
The world needs less politicians that thrive on arguing and controversy and more gurus and masters. It needs less political parties and more theologies. It is a labyrinth out there of all the possibilities that we desire and all those that we do not.
How to obtain happiness? By setting yourself free from desires given to you by others. By looking at what you really want and asking what is in the way. Honesty is required first to yourself and then to others that surround you. Some may reject you but this is fair enough it is like coming out as a homosexual some people may not wish to have a friend that is a homosexual it is only right that there friendship should retreat back to a level that is comfortable for both or disappear completely. After a short while everybody knows it is not a problem.
I am a fantasist and as such I have to believe in a reality in which anything is possible and all possibilities exist. I think that I have been looking for that reality for along time and I am getting there. I know that my fantasies come true but they are a craft, a dark craft and I wish to perfect it. The way to free your fantasy is simple you are honest about it in its totality the dark and the light, firstly with yourself and then with others. Never fantasize about stuff that you do not want in you reality or are not ready for but never restrict yourself by what it is that you think is possible. If you cannot be honest with everybody that is close to you then you are probably not ready for the consequences. Be prepared to dive into the dark waters without checking the depths if you are certain that you wish to swim there. Take risks. Your fantasies have consequences and you laying in a beautiful flower meadow by the river taking care not to harm a single ant may start a chain of events that may, or rather will, lead to pain and destruction in another land, that is not your fault as there are infinite chains that lead to infinite events and even if you think you can trace back the cause and effect your consciousness is limited and cannot conceive the matrix through which your consciousness travels. There is no good and no bad in fantasy just honesty. There is darkness within us all but these are usually secrets and like Adam and Eve we run and hide our nakedness from God that is our nature. Keep your fantasy simple try to put it in as simple terms as possible cut to the kernel so you can state it clearly. Make it into a solitary catch phrase that you can state as what you are about. Make a symbol that represents your desire.
Am I procrastinating in being honest about my own deepest desires. I want to steer the boat. That is it, if people wish to get on they can but I want to steer and I do not want people on who do not like the journey. I do not want to live on the boat I love dry land but at times it would be nice.
How it would work on my boat is simple it would be my journey to explain my reality and I would want the crew to be people that thought that there reality was similar to me and wanted to go on the same journey, it would be explorative and we would sail close to the wind and feel the salty spray sting our faces we would hole up in coves and swim with marsupial dolphins, we would sing hearty songs and dance the gig. While I stand at the helm with my eyes on the palmed island on the distant horizon backlit by the sinking sun guiding my frigate with unreefed sails across the infinite ocean of possibility. Then every now and again I would anchor up and crew for somebody else for a year and a day.

Here is the first moment ive got excited..this above paragraph…Now lets begin with this…and maybe I want turns into and so I shall….and the tale begins…

Obedience is a word that I want in my life. You judge a good master by the happiness of his crew. Quarrels are for wankers.
We are the embodiment of our limited consciousness trying to understand the why`s and the wherefores of its limitation and it explains itself by going to higher dimensions but each time we look down from the dimension above we become aware of new insights but loose sight of old ones.
The lower the dimension that you spend most of your time in the greater understanding you have of the breadth of reality but you are less aware of the depth
It is my belief that if we climb to higher dimensions then we must not do it alone. It is about colonization, populating it with belief and dragging others up to it. We can always drop down and become yogis and focus on our oneness in the first dimension that is harmless and safe because you are lessening complexity. However if you wish to explore dimensions that are higher and infinitely more complex then we are stepping into an abyss and we need ropes and friends…. I think that it can be done, I think that it is the only route for humanity. I think that we have the technology now to incorporate the fifth dimension into our belief system. The time is right the possibilities are endless. Six year olds are regularly left minded by a computer tablet this computer could be changing their perspective on life and allowing them to truly shape the destiny of their community.
When you were a foetus. You are the embodiment of your conscious state you are within the whole, a foetal consciousness is one in which there is no separation. There is no separation, all is one, dimension zero. When you are baby, then a toddler up until a young child ( probably about 6) you conceive the concept of separate and you scream as you slowly realize the complexity of being separate and omnipotent slowly you add different dimensions to your life but adding different levels to your lack of understanding of your true nature until you understand the world in four dimensions and start to think about it in the fifth. These are the childish things spoken of in Paul’s letter to the Chorinthians. We must not put too much store by relationships, stuff, politics and money as these are childish things. When one realizes the limitlessness of possibility that is available in the fifth and the sixth dimension then we should be able to change our approach to the dimensions below. That simply means that we should always be aware that things are not as they seem and anything that occurs is our responsibility and that there is a route back to omnipotence.
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56-60, M
Aug 18, 2014