I Am a Mother

I have always told my kids

I love you no matter what

I may dislike or not approve of what you have done


But I love you


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Two are out of the house and I still want to smack some sense in to them

I believe the same with regards to kids. My kiddos are far from perfect but in the end I love them no matter what they do.......just lemme smack some sense into them!!


Spend their lifetime telling them that!<br />
<br />
When the horrible crisis occurs and the stuff hits the fan - my darling child must truly believe that angry or not, my door is open and she can come home to find safety and healing.

same for you Hugs

I found that same love in my husband<br />
to feel it is life giving

I never got this from my mom<br />
I was determined to give this kind of love to mine<br />
and my kids tell me <br />
it worked

This is soo true Kitty . Exactly what I have and do tell mine!