And It Should Be Expressed More.

It's absolutely essential to human survival that there is at least some form of 'unconditional' love. Babies come into this world with nothing to offer and no obligation to offer anything so they couldn't survive without unconditional love of some sort I think. I guess existence could be seen as a form of unconditional love in principle, I mean we exist, but technically there's no concievable reason for it, no 'condition' for our self-made enjoyment of this place. I'd say it's possible for life to exist outside of our carbon-based world, the right conditions just haven't been found in a large radius around our current position. I mean it's unlikely, but if you were born a trillion light years away from here as some kind of gas being you'd say the same thing "this is unlikely" (of course you'd have no lips). To the embodiment of existence that's probably only about a centimeter, and nothing to someone without a perception of space. Yet we still exist and we think it's amazing, now that's unconditional love. 

Explodey Explodey
22-25, M
Feb 21, 2010