Question For The Tea Baggers Who Hate Unions

What I find interesting/revealing about anti-union activists – the self-described fanatical free-marketers – is that they are so blind to the double standard they have created for themselves.
If a corporation or even several corporations work to maximize their buying power or selling power to consumers, well then, they applaud such activities and defend those actions as being critical to the proper functioning of the free market.
Fair enough. However, the virtue of maximizing profitability only applies to corporations in the philosophy of the fanatical free-marketer. To put it another way, only the OWNERS are endowed with the “right” or the kingly privilege to take steps to maximize their buying/selling power. If Wal-mart uses its enormous buying power and market presence to extract a lower price from vendors – the free marketers do not consider this action immoral or criminal. It is right, good, proper and even commanded of a corporation to do whatever it can to negotiate lower prices and increase their corporate profits.
But what happens when WORKERS try to do this?
Then, suddenly, these same free-marketers view the very attempt as a moral outrage or, possibly, even criminal!
“How dare those parasites!?!” they write on message boards. “Those slaves, er, I mean laborers should be grateful they even have jobs! How dare they have the gall to complain about their wages or working condition?”
The fanatical free-marketers secretly view the relationship between the workers and the owners the same way the ancient aristocracy view the serfs laboring in the fields they owned. The serfs were to work and provide food, gold and finished goods to the Lords and Ladies, and in return their social and ancestral “betters” would grant them enough food and water to survive. To dare question the royal hand was an unthinkable outrage! Any serf who dared complain about the “generosity” of the Lord who ruled over them was upsetting the natural order of the world, for in the ancient world Nobles were selected by God. In the ancient world the traditional way of thinking was that God made people rich and birthed “sinners” into poverty so that they may atone for their sins. To suggest that a Lord or Lady’s treatment of the serfs was unfair or cruel was to question God himself.
Doesn’t that sound familiar? Doesn't that sound exactly like the typical Republican justification for worshipping CEO's.
What is the central guiding principal of both the Republican party and the Tea Party? That Corporations (our modern day nobility) are only rich because they are wise, just and moral – and thus it only makes sense that we should OBEY them exactly as we would any Lord or Lady in 1673. If the CEO of Chase banks decrees that all the serfs in his employ should only be paid $10/hr, well then, as the King commands so shall it be done!
What is equally fascinating to me is how worshipping Corporations and slavishly obeying their every whim is viewed as being “free” amongst the Tea Partiers.
The typical American worker begs, cowers and scuttles about whenever a CEO enters the room. Take the typical Tea Bagger who (allegedly) is a “proud” and “defiant” and “free” American -- and he or she will all but fall to their knees sobbing in fear if their Corporate Masters so much as cast a disappointed eye in their direction.
“Please don’t be angry, my Lord,” they sob while clutching the feet of the CEO. “Please! I have a family! Please don’t fire me! I swear I’ll work twice as hard as before! No, three times as hard! And I’ll gladly accept a $5/hr paycut! You can cut my wages just please don’t be angry with me.”
The Tea Baggers are slaves. Oh, they will talk tough about President Obama. They will call him a tyrant and a monster and darkly mutter threats about killing him….oh, they sure act tough when it comes to their President, but are they so brave, fierce and definite when it comes to their boss at work?
These “definite” Tea Baggers whimper and cower just like all the rest of us do. When the boss announces another round of paycuts or another reduction in benefits….they make no effort to stand up to their bosses. They simply keep their heads downcast and sink a little further into their office chairs and pray that their Masters don’t whip them any harder.
That’s because ALONE the average worker has no power.
Only by joining together and working as a united front – by forming a labor union – does the average worker have any negotiating power at all.
But the Corporate Masters are clever. They have spent the last 50 years relentlessly brainwashing the American worker into hating labor unions.
“Those unions hate America,” the CEO’s explain to their young employees. “They only steal your money. They don’t love you like I do.”
And then that same CEO closes down the entire plant and relocates it to Mexico where they only have to pay the workers $4/hr.
My question to the Tea Baggers is this: if you truly consider yourself proud and free and defiant….would you ever dare question the divine power of your boss?
Would you ever join a labor union?
If the answer is no, then how do you ever expect to be anything other than a slave?
This is a serious question because I’m trying to understand the psychology of the average Republican/Tea Bagger. They keep talking about economic freedom, but they refuse to do anything to actually give themselves power.
Also, are you consciously aware of your double-standards or is it totally unconscious? If Wal-mart takes steps to maximize its buying power and negotiating power….why do you find it so morally offensive if a group of laborers work to maximizing their own negotiating power?
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4 Responses Jul 10, 2010

Absolutely correct. Unions built this country and also the middle class. Without them the middle class will die. Then there will be Wealthy and serfs.

Lovely Commentary. I completely agree. The problem right in the U.S. is how bubble protected we all are. There isn't much bonding between people and the employers like to keep it that way. We have to interact before groups of any kind can form.

I have heard of dead peasants insurance! That's the name the companies came up with to describe their workers. Very revealing of how they view us.

Yeah! I love how they propagandize their anti-union message by calling it "the right to work". Baloney. They concede us the right to stand on our own and remain weak, so we can have the right to be dealt with completely on their terms.<br />
<br />
Free market slave drivers have plenty of tricks up their sleeves.....have you heard of "dead peasant insurance"? Wall Mart does this... Employers taking life insurance out on their employees, with the employer as the beneficiary. Absolutely dispicable.