You People Don't Know What To Believe About "vampires".

It's infuriating to see people talking about a subculture spawned by Hollywood and fiction novels. It makes me very angry to see the old myths raped as they are these days. I have little trouble with the gamers..the role players. However, what I do have a problem with is living human beings/people claiming to actually be vampires of one fantasy type or another. You people have a hole in you. You fill it with a falsehood and thrive upon your imagined superiority and abilities that don't exist.

I've well versed in myth and legend. It's my bread and butter. I tell you now that the vampire myth has been so twisted by Hollywood and fiction books that it no longer has any simblence with the actual myths. A vampire is a basicaly a DEAD ghost that rises to kill the living by eating blood. Because I believe in The Creator and the opposite I believe such things as this myth are theoritically possible beyond known science. The chances of it are one in a billion, however. You are not going to ever see a real vampire...none of you. You might see Mr. or Ms. fake fangs and black clothing, but nothing more. You might become mentally unstable and start having "feelings" produced by oncoming the least extreme mental instability. You will not find the myth, though. None of you will ever find the REAL thing...and if you did you would be dead before you knew it and no one would ever see you again. and you still wouldn't become a vampire. You would just be dead and lost in the Abyss/Perdition/Hell.

Why would anyone want that? Why would anyone want to be what a vampire really would be in reality? A vampire is a monster.

I get it...Hollywood...fiction. Those things are not real on the movie screen. Those things written in books to be "romantic" are not real. There is NO romantic in the definition and reality of Vampire/Nosferatu.

There. I'm done ranting. I'll be amused to see responses in defense of the fictional subculture.

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7 Responses May 17, 2010

i now what it is like to now a vampire i want to be one but my best friend who is a vampire will not so someone can u turn me please

y y not thats all i ask being a friend with a vampire is dagerous i want to turn so i dont die

sometimes times its better if you just let us dream.

to markus may i make the suggestion that you stand back for a moment and laugh at the hilarity of these people deluding themselves im mearly an observer and i find it funny that people believe they are vampires this may become dangerous for them but who gives a crap. they are a minority that seems to think life is better if they were dead. <br />
<br />
ps. did you also know that saint niccholas was the patron saint of murders and rapists

Markus,<br />
I agree with you completely on all counts.<br />
Hollywood has made Vampires sad.<br />
What? They're going to sparkle us to death? How scary...<br />
I do, however, have a question for you, as you've sparked my interest...<br />
What is a "real" Vampire?<br />
I always thought they burned in the Sun and died with a stake to the heart or Garlic or Silver... Could you elaborate?<br />
<br />
On another note, I personally think we need to strap Twilight fans down and show them Blade.<br />
(not that I have anything against Twilight fans, being an "ex-fan" myself... That was my sad attempt at humour...)<br />
<br />
Cheers,<br />

Let me just say this. You're right. They are a myth. But the fact is would you tell a toddler that Santa Claus isn't real just because he isn't? Would you crush the child's hopes all because you're selfish? What gives you the right to crush these people's hopes? Who told you that you can preach to them about rightness when you have none to do it in the first place? The fact is, you're quite the hypocrite. Let them believe what they want, and go about your own life. False hopes may be upsetting, but the fact is they're still hopes. And no one, not even you, has the right to ruin another's hopes.

Thanks Markus I really enjoyed reading this and also getting others point of view.<br />
<br />
By the way...I would much rather my vampire burst into flames in the sunlight than sparkle :-) haha

Markus I completely agree with you that it is blown way out of proportion. I hate the normal romance novels....on the other hand there is something very erotic and intoxicating with the new "vampire romance novels." I think it's just the thought behind it...the good vs bad. We would all love to have a bad boy that was really good at heart.<br />
It's very hard to explain unless you are one that enjoys that kind of stuff. I know I do. Would I enjoy really meeting a vampire? Hell no....but the fantasy in the books is absolutely amazing. I can honestly say I wouldn't even mind getting bit by a chosen few (fantasy only). :-)<br />
Hope that makes sense a little for you. I love the fictional vampire or werewolf......and yes I am a "Twilight Mom" . LOL<br />
But, it didn't start there...I have always been interested in the supernatural. I do know the difference between what is real and what is not. Ghosts, vampires, and all of that stuff. The more I can read on it...the better. Fictional and Nonfictional. Maybe some people have a problem separating the two.