Vampires: What We Really Are

I think how humans view my kind is quite amusing. It makes for a more satisfying chase if I'm not what a human believes about vampires: they'll never be expecting what we really are. It's an easier capture, but a longer pursuit....

No one can simply just wake up and say, "Today, I'm going to become a vampire." That's not how it works. You need to be born one of us. A lot of people get confused about why they see "shadows" or "dark and light figures", why food doesn't taste the same, why they crave blood, and why all of this starts happening around ages 7-12.  This happens because before the age of 7, humans don't have their own judgement, depending on the judgement of their parents who, strangely, don't reveal the dark side of the world to their young and blind them. They don't know what being "different" means. Human adults fear the unknown, and so they believe their children will too. But little do they know, a child that is meant to be a vampire has less fear of the dead and dark entities than they do. 

There are many different types of vampires.

A developing vampire often has premonitions in the early stages, a power that might stick with the vampire if he or she is meant to be a "psychic vampire".  A "psychic vampire" is often more susceptible to seeing "dark entites", "light entities", having premonitions, and having close contact with the other side. These type of our kind usually keep to themselves, luring humans in with their mysteriousness. A lot of devolping vampires that are meant to be "psychic vampires" hear "voices in their head", usually multiple unknown voices saying their name. This is normal before a rebirth of a "psychic vampire". The "voices" are most likey those of other "psychic vampires" close by who sensed the presence of the new developing "psychic vampire", and are aquanting themselves with the new member of their kind.

Often said to be "draining", this form of vampire feeds off of the energy of any life force. An "energy vampire" can feed off of the energy of any living creature, but chooses to feed off of humans because they omit the strongest and most satisfying form of energy. "Energy vampires" , if drained of energy, can be charismatic and very talkative to lure humans in and draw out their energy, leaving the human tired and worn out. When full of energy,  this form of vampire becames quiet and thoughtful, even though this behavior is often unwanted by the vampire itself. An "energy vampire" often chooses a profession that involves being around a lot of people, such as a musician, a doctor, a psychologist, or a motivational speaker.

The "blood vampire". The form of vampire that is most adored by the human race. Many people have misconceptions of the "blood vampire", often stating that this form of vampire can change humans into "blood vampires" with a bite through the flesh. This is NOT TRUE. This form of vampire does not contain any form of "venom" or substance that will change a human into a vampire within their bite. A "blood vampire" can draw a human in with their aura. The voice and eyes of a "blood vampire" are the first things to usually allure a human. When this form of vampire bites, the bite usually is not painful whatsoever, at first. This is considered a very sensual feeling, as "blood vampires" usually seduce their pray before biting them. Once the human starts feeling weak due to blood loss, they realize that the vampire is draining them of blood and feel excruciating pain. These vampires are not very eminent in society, their "blending in" being a part of their hunting process.  

Many people have developed a false perception of vampires and our fears/weaknesses.
- We are not afraid of crucifixes or holy water. Often times, Christianity attributes us to Satan, seeing as some of us take blood and, as it states in the Bible, "the Blood is the life". This is a mere misconception. We can sit through a church session if we pleased, just like anybody else could.

-Silver does not harm us. On the contrary, silver is one of our most adored metals. We often wear silver, and love the pureness of the metal. We find that it is a very good conductor of energy, and find it easier to store energy within the confines of silver jewelry.

-We are not warded off by garlic. This is a myth that I hear often, and it takes me aback to think that some people think an herb can ward off a supernatural being. It's just not logical.

-We do not sleep in coffins. We sleep in beds just like everyone else. This myth derives from the other myth that "we are dead". We are not dead.

-We are not afraid of the sunlight. We do not "spontaneously combust" or "ignite" when we go out during the day. Quite the contrary, we walk around during the day and blend in with regular society. However, we are more comfortable in the night time, and usually "let go" more under the moonlight as opposed to the sunlight.

If anyone has any questions, then you may message me. I will reply when the opportunity presents itself.

                                                                                                                                                                                     A true vampire
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I understand that some others of us like you enjoy hunting humans, as do i, but personally I enjoy their company

message me brother. Haha

I just fell out of my chair laughing....

I am ecstatic that you enjoyed my post. Thank you.

Well, it was funny. When people post utter horseshit, I laugh. So thanks for the hilarious BS

I laugh when people are so ignorant as to think that they will actually effect me when commenting with vulgar language and insulting my lifestyle. Looks like this is a two way street.

Well, actually, not trying to affect you. Nor is the term "****" really vulgar. In fact, I was simply stating fact.

Also... Being a vampire isn't a lifestyle... It's a mutation... A species... Just shows you're one of those sad goth kids licking their cuts claiming to be a vamp to feel unique

I said that, if you paid enough attention to read what else I said in the comments below. I am not "goth", according to my friend who actually lives that lifestyle. Not all of them cut themselves and nor do I.

Nor are you a vampire!

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This story is complete **** and here's why:

1. There are not three types of vampires. There are just vampires. Psychic vampires are just people with psychic abilities. That is also what an "Energy vampire" is. They are NOT vampires.

2. The only "real vampire" is a blood feeder.

3. You cannot be all three of these types.

4. No, you do not have to be born a vampire, vampirism is a virus.

5". The "blood vampire". The form of vampire that is most adored by the human race. Many people have misconceptions of the "blood vampire", often stating that this form of vampire can change humans into "blood vampires" with a bite through the flesh. This is NOT TRUE." --- This is misguided and incorrect

"This form of vampire does not contain any form of "venom" or substance that will change a human into a vampire within their bite. " ---- yes we do. Vampirism is a virus.

"A "blood vampire" can draw a human in with their aura. The voice and eyes of a "blood vampire" are the first things to usually allure a human." <----- this is pure ****.

"When this form of vampire bites, the bite usually is not painful whatsoever, at first. This is considered a very sensual feeling, as "blood vampires" usually seduce their pray before biting them. " ----- Incorrect. It isn't painful because of the high levels of adrenalin a person will develop when faced with an unfamiliar threat. Science, motherf*cker.

"Once the human starts feeling weak due to blood loss, they realize that the vampire is draining them of blood and feel excruciating pain. These vampires are not very eminent in society, their "blending in" being a part of their hunting process." ---- This is just pulling facts out of your ***.

Please, at least TRY and make your bullshit story believable. I worry for everyone who fell under the spell of this nonsense.

Yours truly "A true vampire"

Thank you for finally posting something I can work with. Your perception of us, much like any other HUMAN, is completely flawed.
Psychic vampires only hear and feel other psychic vampires in their premonitions and in their awakenings, as humans with psychic abilities connect with either any spirit who has not passed on or demons and inhuman entities.
An energy vampire does not necessarily have psychic abilities, as they are more like Empaths in the sense where they feel what a human or animal feels based upon the aura they omit, the only thing that differs from an Empath and an energy vampire is that they can take energy from any life form if they so choose, while an Empath cannot.
Vampirism is not a virus as many people who have went to a hospital claiming they have bitten someone because they were a vampire have been physically and psychologically evaluated, most of which ended up in therapy and the victim a simple bite wound with no unrecognized bacteria formation or high white blood cell count to indicate that the victim had any sort of foreign bacteria in their body, which modern medicine would recognize it as. In addition, if Vampirism was a virus, every one would be biting each other and a mass need for anti-venom would be needed, since blood vampires are the only ones in existence and they apparently spread through bite. Let me know when modern medicine develops a vaccine for Vampirism, surely it will be used in hospitals worldwide.
Blood vampires draw their prey in by what appeases the human eye and what lights their ears to draw them close. I am almost a hundred percent sure if you were an obese male that had disgusting tendencies claiming to be a blood vampire, in example, no human would draw themselves close to you, as humans are very sexual creatures. Study a little more, sweetheart.
Unless a human in having wild intercourse or unexpected intercourse, adrenaline levels are particularly low unless they are about to *********, at which no blood vampire would bite because their over-excessive heart rate would probably make a human bleed out a lot quicker, posing a higher risk of death. Vampires, in any form, do not want to harm or permanently harm humans unless humans give consent to take blood OR if we are physically threatened. If you would like to bring Science into it, refer to Charles Darwins' theory of evolution. We have the same parts of a human, but are lighter on our feet, have better recognition of an incoming threat, and tend to be immune to more diseases and viruses, (except Vampirism, of course) than they are. If you think a human is the most highly evolved species, you are sadly mistaken.
Medical studies show that once a human recognizes they are in pain, their pain level becomes increasingly worse due to their psyche telling their brain that it hurts, thereby sending more pain signals through their nervous systems. In addition, I am almost certain if a blood vampire walked up to a random human and said, "Hello, I'm a blood vampire. Can I just bite you until you scream and bleed into my mouth?" that obtaining what they need would be quite the process. And yes, I am highly literate, but sadly I do not defecate words. I'll let you know when I do, though. We can discuss it over tea.

Yours truly,
A true vampire

I'm sorry, but Chamberlane is right. Most alterations have primarily physical consequences. Symptoms which are beyond the physical in nature, are secondary and usually individual/tend to vary.
Consuming blood is the primary, most prominent feature of a vampire. Not licking wounds, not feeding off oneself, not having a glass of refreshing blood once or twice a week, not enjoying the occasional taste of blood and eating raw meat in between "feedings". A vampire depends on blood, like a human depends on food and water.
A creature which does not consume blood as means of sustaining itself, but extracts some other form of nourishment from other living creatures is not a vampire, other than perhaps (and wrongly so) in name.

I consumed blood as a child, which I why I was hospitalized. I sucked raw meat as a toddler and with age, it grew worse. My physician said the blood work he had taken was negative for an iron deficiency, and I was admitted for further testing, all of which were inconclusive.. I am well aware that you are not aware of other types, however, they do exist. I am sorry you cannot bring yourself to accept that concept.

These things hardly make you a vampire. In fact, they point to the contrary.

Not really, since blood consumption for sustenance is the only sign of a vampire according to you and Chamberlane. Even though I do not live to meet every one's definition of what a vampire is, there are some theories that I fall under and some I do not. Either way, I know who, and what, I was born as... But thank you for your concern.

Message me. ^_^

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I was pleasantly surprised to actually see a well-versed, literate person posting about something like this...
But it all quickly turned into disappointment, when I realized that this entire post is completely false. Now, perhaps you were being untruthful, or you just merely don't understand what you are. Because, based on your statements - what you are is not a vampire. Sorry to break such news to you.

There are, however, several alterations which can be mistaken for vampires - thanks to the "false advertising" of the last century or so. Word of mouth is a powerful thing and can confuse even the best of us.
I remain hopeful that vampire-like alterations will eventually educate themselves more about actual vampires and their own kind, and finally learn the differences. For everyone's benefit. After all, no matter how similar, they are completely separate, non-related species.

I am obligated to say thank you for posing a challenge of my knowledge in a respectful way. When I was small and in the hospital, SPIRIT told me what I was, and I am very sure that spirit, having already lived life on this dreadful Earth and being much more knowledgeable in spiritual aspects, is more correct than anything anyone on Earth has got to say about our lifestyle, with all due respect. What I have written above are observations that I have either experimented myself or observed as an average characteristic, reaction, or hunting in other vampires, and I am not saying that our species does not have variations, as any species does. A human recognizing the difference between a human and a vampire is not a feat derived from physical behaviors or characteristics, but one that is more spiritual and based on recognizing the different sensations from a connection a human has with a human and a connection that a human has with a vampire. And yes, we are a different species, you are correct.

Yours truly,
A true vampire

I also appreciate you being civil, especially compared to the standards of pages such as these.
Now, I don't know about this "spirit" which spoke to you...what it is, or what its origins, intentions or sources of information are. One could always question the identity and intentions of such entities, for unearthly, ethereal and most things which aren't corporeal - tend to be deceitful, out of countless reasons.
All I know is that, at the time the actual term "vampire" was coined, what it referred to were things we now call bloaters. An unsuccessful subvariant of the vampire which was thought to be a creature made by curse, but later proven to be a creature turned, and not born.
Therefore, in reference to the very word "vampire" and its original source and meaning - it is the more new age "species" - the born /genetic vampires, spell-turned vampires and such...which have actually "borrowed" the name of vampire for what they are. Mostly based on symptomatic similarities, most likely.
Regardless of what you've been told or by whom, I always recommend studying and questioning things, trying to comprehend them from a personal perspective - then objectively comparing them to everything else which is known or can be learned. Invest in learning about yourself and getting to know what you are. That is never a waste of time or effort.

The Spirit that had visited me was the first... but not the last who have relayed the same information. This series includes light spirits and dark spirits, and my spirit guides themselves. I have to trust in them, because the minute I start questioning who I am or if they are correct or not, everything in my life goes wrong and I become misguided. I simply know what I am and am one with myself, and nobody's facts or their background knowledge can change that. I am sorry you do not believe in me, but the point of this was not to get people to believe in me. It was to share my lifestyle to the world.

Right, because that would make so much sense. I, too, am sorry that you can't bring yourself to accept that what you think are "types of vampires" - are not even remotely vampires at all, nor will they magically become vampires simply because you'd wish it so or some entity "said so". I'm really sorry.

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ive always had a link to the supernatural in my family, my grandpa use to say he met a pretty vampire when he was a young man. I have noticed where I live their have been more and more of your kind. I don't mean to sound weird but I can feel you guys around or near lol sounds weird huh? ive always had a kind of radar with supernatural stuff. ^^; I have tried to follow the ones I have found to talk to them but you guys are fast!, is it true you guys get blood donations by humans?

Most humans can sense our presence, the same way you would sense a ghost. It is not a fact of being fast, the ability to blend in with our surroundings is impeccable. If a human should choose to be so generous, we will take their offer, but we will not harm a human unless attacked. We take from them in the least painful way possible.

Where do u live

I was online looking up information for a paper for speech class, we get to pick our own topics for our speeches, and I read your article and find it odd that one, the visions, of the traits you have as being those of psychic vampires fits me and those of the energy vampire fit. I'm puzzled by this, a little help please.

You may be both an energy vampire and a psychic vampire. However there are differences between humans with psychic abilities and psychic vampires, be aware. You may message me with any further questions or concerns.

Is it possible to be all three? I have seen undead/ghost/whatever it was many times before. I like to be in large groups, I feel more alive around people. I also allure people to me, they want to touch me, I want to touch them, but I refuse.... I always wonder what there blood would taste like. I have never tried somonelses blood, but I have tried my own....

I am all three, my dear.

you're full of ****, that's what

I am deeply apologetic that you have no better use of your time than to comment on every one of my posts in a derogatory manner. By the way, I think you might want to consider making an appointment at a local psychologist's office for your strange obsession with feces.

Where does the majority of vampires live? (I'm just curious)
Can a vampire be friends with a human?

We can live anywhere we want to, we are highly adaptable... Every one of us is different, just like you. I am aware of many a vampire that have human friends.

I am a psychic vampire noob I need to know how to feed without contact because its annoying to half to find excuses to touch people can you help me

What you've written is mostly true. Just remember that every vampire is different and different things happen to each of them. They are a species, just like everything else. I'd be interested to talk to you though.

Well when I hear humans getting it ALL wrong (for werewolves for I am one) I get really mad and try to tell them off -_-'...doesn't really work very well :/. And this is really helpfull ^^!!! I knew a lot of this stuff already but try tellin this stuff to the humans :/. They'll never believe anything about either one of us! Oh well. I have only one question. Is a stake through the heart really the only way to kill you? (for werewolves, a silver bullet WILL kill you but it's not the only way cause a bullet through even a HUMANS heart will kill them.)

well then u really got me thinking ^^, honestly all you said here is true,through evolution everyone adapts and all... and i've heard about all this somewhere but forgive my bad memory..anyways im curious about something. If i may ask without sound rude or awkward, I would like to ask how can you distinguish a vampire from a false wanna be vampire......Its cause I'm not sure if I saw one today on my way back home a while ago. I mean I've heard many versions how to distinguish one but now im not sure..D: i dont want to think that he is one when hes not you know what I mean. So can you please help me?

Nice to meet you, I have one real question to ask to all of this and please don't think it's rude if I ask because I'm always trying to stay on gaurd on the internet, are you realy telling the truth? I understand what your saying and I have to say that the way you explained the myths of vampires to be false was very convincing and I have to agree I have been skeptical about the myths aswell, I just always have to question. I'm sorry if I sound rude and if I miss-spelled anything in my response.

You weren't rude, don't fret. It's very hard to believe something that is categorized as myth for so long. But yes, I am telling the truth. I live this life every single day, it's not something I can hide from. If you need proof, then refer to Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. All forms of species of animals have evolved over time to adapt with the changes of the Earth, why wouldn't humans evolve also? It's proven by science.

Thank you again for explaining and I have to agree that the way you explain your cause is very interesting, I have never thought of using natrual selection as means of explenation. But if I could go into further questioing how would you describe your life, I mean do you become annoyed or frustrated with all of the new pop culture and hollywood medaling involved in the vampire legends and species. Also,when you first found out or discovered you were a vampire how did you feel? Sorry for all of the questioning.

Do not fret, I do not mind answering your questions. I do not concern myself with the way humans portray our kind, it is quite interesting to know how they view us. My life is quiet, I do not enjoy company often.. My life in a word is solitary. But I mostly enjoy it that way. When I first found out I was a vampire I felt... distant. I didn't enjoy the fact of it very much. But then I was hypnotized the night and I was amazed at the sights and sounds of it all, and I had no more regrets. I was in the hospital at the time of my awakening.

I'm glad you feel that way, your life sounds fufilling to me in more ways then one. I hope then maybe I could understand more about vampires and that way I may be able to feel life I understand how you feel even more.

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Also i find humans quite interesting.

Nothing would intrigue me more then maybe speaking to you a little about yourself and your kind, im am over these cliché fool's that waste time speaking Nonusance. is my hotmail, I hope to here from you

I am a pureblood... if you don't know what that is a pureblood is the first type of vampire to be created/born. No one not even ourselves know who we came to be but we posses all powers and are all types of vampires. There are also different stages of vampires like lower class or like me purebloods (guess you could call purebloods royalty) Myself being pure blood can only create other pure bloods by matting with another pureblood, but the only other pure blood girls that are alive are my sisters and mother...i also have other relatives. Pure bloods are born vampires and once reach a certain age (i was 17) stop growing. And unlike other vampires lower than us we are the only type that can not die. We also don't get burn by the sunlight and don't need blood to survive. If you would like to know more don't be afraid to ask

I, actually, know of your kind, but have yet to encounter one. I am all types of vampire as well, but I am not immortal. Thank you for commenting! I also have a slight interest in humans, but I am distant from them... We shall speak again.

@Blackbird0 So youre immortal?

I ba<x>sed this article off of my observations of MY kind. Vampires don't harm humans, unless provoked. And let us face the truth, humans are cruel and unjust creatures. If someone looks different, or acts different, they ridicule the person or vampire, provoking them to be harmful.

Wow, now that's just... Mean. I understand about my human history, but not all of us are cruel and unjust "creatures" man, the werewolves are nicer than you. :/
Thanks for reading, yours truly,

I am not a "man", but I apologize if I've offended you. I've grown bitter and cruel towards humans over the years, they have done nothing but ridicule me because I was different from them... "Creatures" is a word I use to refer to any species. It is not to be taken offensively.

i dont reall think energy vampires hav an "alluring personality" even humans can be lik that i dont think u can just say that "this vampire is supposed to b lik this"

i heard sme ppl say that vampires arent suppose to harm humans.

We don't harm them.

Good to know

A phychic vampire, idk if I am one of those but I might be, I have some of th signs except I don't hear voices in my head, how do I find out more?

You may message me, and tell me about your experiences. I will tell you my opinion.

what type of vampire are you

I am all of the above

Everything on this page is the truth. It doesn't matter whether you believe it or you don't. Doesn't make it any less right. My best friend is a psychic vampire, and she shared with me everything about what she was. Reason why they aren't open with this information is kinda like racism. They would be severely mistreated. I wish humans would step up and help them out with this issue.