Vampires Are Real

Well vampires are real. There are Psi "Physic" vampires that drain life force mentally and there are Sanguine that drink blood AKA biting. There is also a Hybrid a mixture of both like me. It is alot risky to be a sanguine because people could see you. If you are a vampire and don't know how to tell your friends consider takeing my advice. Bring your friend to somewhere private AKA where only you two are and then make sure they promise to tell no one then say your a vampire. That worked for me and i have like 13 best friends and they all know.
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I've always been called crazy because I believe that there isn't just humans among us, I've always thought there is something else and it's like I can sense it or something I have dreams about it all the time, I dream of people being vampires or supernatural beings and then I see that person on the street or the bus or something am I just superstitious or is there stuff out there?

there is no such thing

^^^That guy right there is a rolepla<x>yer. Read the manga Vampire Knight and you'll see.

I have heard from distant friends about a vampire that is fully "pure-blooded", describing a vampire whose blood cannot be stained by the ignorance of humans. Supposedly, they are ancient and cannot be soiled by the human race, however I will read up on it. I am unsure now if this is what he speaks of..

Yes vampires are real but there are many different types of vampires the most highest and most powerful type is like me a pure blood (they were the first vampires, and created all the other vampires) we can not die and they are they only clan who can change others into vampires (unless...) if you want to ask anything else go ahead i will most certainly answer

what would one have to possible do to become vampire??

are you really a vampire? how?

You say you can not die.. I do believe, but there are some things i do not. You also say that you will answer any question.. Maybe we could talk ?