Searching For Them

Hi,in 2010 me and my Best Friend got interested in these supernatural stuff.In order to uncover the truth we started to investigate and research.We tried the Internet but found the rubbish about vampires hving fangs and stuff.We even found sone communities which called themselves Vampire Communities.We did not know either to believe them or not but decided to reserch further.Till now(2 years)I do not say that all our effort has gone to waste(we did find alot of logical facts)but still not enough proof to prove vampires are real.I was wondering if any of you could give us any valuable information or tell us an experience.Have you ever met or seen one?Please cooperate and if you have anything that will help us,Please do not hesitate to tell me.We know that if Vampire are real,They might not want to come out into the open,since our own people will be a threat to them(killing them and thinking them as a danger to us).Please help me and my Friend.
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I would be willing to share some information.

Hi I have also done a lot of reaseach I would be willing to share if you would please message me?

You wana know email me at

thats imposible

Share your logical evidences with me =)

You said that you found logical evidence of vampires, sorry for me asking so bluntly but, what is this evidence? I mean, do you mind sharing it with me?