As I lay here, I think about the human kind, more specifically, the woman across the street. How is it possible that her and I can be so similar, yet so different. I speak with her on rare occasions, but even when spoken to she responds in a resigned manner, as if she feels uncomfortable because I'm strange. She peers at me with judgmental eyes, as I secretly look into hers with pity. It's so unsettling to witness a race that bases one's personality upon looks or way of speaking. I feel horribly that every human, no matter how nice or peaceful they may seem, psychologically judges one who doesn't seem "normal", or what their society displays as "normal". Her and I are the same: We both have eyes, ears, a mouth, a nose, two arms, two legs. I'm no alien, yet I am considered a pariah. I long for a human companion, but have yet to find one who eventually won't be the same as all the others. I am glad not be be a part of the society-driven human race, but find myself paralyzed by the burning desire to identify myself with someone who is.

A true vampire
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I'm sorry if you sparkle but I need to just kill you

I am terribly sorry that you feel the need to resort to such violent antics. I am not attacking you by being in existence, I simply am who I am. By the way, we do not sparkle, and if you truly believe that notion, I talked to a neurologist that can possibly be of assistance.

Are you really going to believe this? :) Vampire don't exist :) Get used to the idea! Grow up and get responsible! :)

You are very wrong... Very wrong. And it is okay if you do not think we are who we are, it is your opinion. But I ask nicely for you not to comment on my page if you are going to be offensive to my lifestyle, something that someone who needs to "grow up" would do. Have a good night, my dear...

Not even grade A.
Just pure bullshit.

You know, "bullshit" or cow manure, in more appropriate terms, is a very helpful tool in the farm industry. It is pivotal that the soil for growing crops is fertilized with it twice a year, so fruits and vegetables grow to their full potential. I am actually overjoyed that you compared my journal entry to something that helps grow food to feed starving children in South Africa, helps rejuvenate the skin and improve vision, but above all feeds you at lunch or dinner when you are hungry. Thank you, it means so much to me.

Still full of ****.

I like you, parayna

You really hate these tards don't you?


I am deeply apologetic that you and your friend disagree with my personal post. However, it was not intended to make you believe in anything, it was just to vent some personal thoughts and feelings.

This has nothing to do with what I believe in, it has everything to do with your post being utter rubbish

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I think you shouldn't have any problems identifying with humans. You seem to have more than enough in common with them.

I do, but people don't seem to understand why I am cooped up in my home all day and night, they knock on my door probably just to see that I am alive... Not because I am someone who they would consider a friend.

First of all, you speak of humans with such distance - it makes me suspect that you might be one of those individuals who support the idea of genetic vampirism/are so called "born vampires". Which, personally, I find to be bogus.
However, if (hypothetically, at this point) you are indeed a vampire and have become one the same way all others have - you'd have to be very old to have developed such detachment from humanity/being human. However, in this scenario - you would have to had been human at some point of your existence, yet you dwell on the "you" vs. "us" differences as much as you say that humans do. Anatomically - you're human. Functionally and even psychologically - you are (for a great part) human, with certain upgrades and bonus features. Like you say - you have eyes, ears, arms and legs, you walk, talk and get hungry...just like humans do. If you have lived for a very long time and learned to see the world differently than humans, you should have also gotten used to living with what you see. Humans don't just treat you differently because YOU are strange. They do it to each other, they hang on to stupid things and arr capable of ostracizing their fellow human for the smallest of things. It's the way people are nowadays. Let it go. You've given me no reason to insult you, thus far, so I mean no disrespect - but I don't understand the point of this story or the level of frustration in it (over something so common), from someone who is supposedly a vampire. I sincerely recommend you sort this out with yourself and move on with your life. No matter who or what you are, there are so many better, more useful things you can do with your life than dwell on some trivial nonsense.

I believe you misunderstood the tone of this post. I am not frustrated, I am confused, intrigued, and pitiful of humans. This was a day where I really took a step back to observe the way my neighbor reacted to me, assuming that I was the same as she is... Even though I am not. I am simply interested, I do not feel frustration or anger very often. Even when insulted.

Do you offer immortality?

If you dont mind me asking..
What make's you so diffrent?
The human race is quite dull.. We work and live to die.. "pointless really"
I could go on all day about how this world makes no sence in my eyes, although i do not want to bore you..
Maybe we could talk.
Hope to speak to you soon.

We share in living to die as you say, we are not immortal...

Blood lust, you are not strange at all. You are unique just like any other being that walks this earth. Each and every single person is different in their own way that separates them from everyone else. In my opinion, there is no such thing as normal, and I like it that way. The world and life is what you make it. Do not feel down at all because you are special and unique in your own way. And if it makes you feel any better, I have a hard time fitting in just because I see things differently than other people. I carry my own perspective on life. The way I express myself people find weird. And you know what? I am proud to be different. You should be too. There are people you will find and be able to get along with, Do not worry. I believe in you and know that things will get better. Do not give up. :)

ouh dont worry so much darling you'll find ur other half. theres many many many people who wont judge, both ways if u know what i mean. Yes human race is the most judgmental,creature that has ever exsisted but thats how they are build,or more like rather act but like i said not all humans are the same. the tough task is to find them. i know you find them sooner or later i can sence it XDD