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I am vampiric. vampires are real, and the word does aptly describe my kind. that is, what it originally meant. i'm not talking about the undead, the undead have nothing to do with vampires, humans jsut had trouble telling them apart, that's all. a vampire is something that NEEDS to feed on another living being's life force. vampires usually find it easiest to do so by drinking the blood of a living person. i'm kind of tired of explaining what a vampire is to people, epecially people who forget a language is what people say and mean, not what someone wrote in a dictionary. dictionaries are not rulebooks to language, they are a guide. Language really is what people say

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I wanna be a vampire but no one wants to change me

they don't want you to go through it, it isn't fun, I've almost killed plenty of people. Not meaning to. There just always happens to be a werewolf around. how convenient

best to be allies with any werewolves in your life

Amen, and i am with a few

Werewolves don't exist u twilight fan girl

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how did u guys find out that you are.. energy or psi?vampires? im so ignorant. i dont understand what u mean by that.

mmmm.... it's sort of uncomfortable - me admitting this.

I hear you on that one. I get tired of explaining that to be a vampire it doesn't mean you are dead or undead. I am a psi vamp myself and I find it hard for others to except that we do exist and are nothing like they see in movies or read in books.

WOW. I have to take your story in and embrace it while ideallizing it. I am fascinated wtih the vampire theory. And had believed that one of my friends from my early days was/is one. At first I thought she may be a witch. We would do a lot of odd things. She comes to me in my dreams a lot. I haven't seen her in at least 9 years. But I feel close with her at times. And she tells me things that are true. I'm not sure if I'm making any sense. I am going to seek this out and get back to you.

i can't be really sure because i was in denial or a number of years. i think there's some connection between the anixety that causes my OCD and the symptoms of energy starvation. if I'm right, then I've been getting straongly affected by energy ince I was about 7 or 8 years old

i don't expect to harm anyone ever, and there are ways of feeding that are certian to not do any harm. Still, I do hope sometimes to harm someone i'm feeding on AND for me to witness the harm I brought. It would be a big step towards me learning to use my talents as a weapon, and let's face it, this world needs people like me to get to work