I Am For All Intents A Vampire.

i need to eat raw beef to supplement what i cannot get from vegetables, i have an intolerance to greens, and a severe intolerance to garlic even the smell can make me ill,direct sun light weakens me and causes me to have seizures as do most lights. i function better at night, and have a constant craving for blood, due to an iron imbalance.i dare not lick a cut as the taste triggers a frenzy that is hard to stop, a girl i was seeing asked me to kiss a graze better, she had to push me off ,i had gone blank and couldn't stop sucking, i didn't know until i saw the fear in her eyes. my metabolism works so fast i heal very quick, i had surgery on my leg two days later the doctor admitted the wound looked as if it was weeks old, i had a endoscope that found a gastric hernia,surgery was immanent three days later at a check up it had gone. i have scars most should have needed stitches by the time i get to AE i have healed enough for the doctors to walk away.i wounder if the vampire story's of old are written by people, who have came across others like me. or am i in denial. my ancestry on my grand fathers side was traced back to romanie roots, in the 17th century. the relative who traced them refuses to tell why she stopped, all she will say is we don't want to know.
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