Darkness Calling.

How does one explain at such an early age of the experiences one has when one does not fully understand what was going on? Unfortunately I inherited the common use of terms "the sixth sense". And not understanding how to use it was my great loss. Then I was visited by three male figures who came out of a closet not much bigger than a standard shower stall. They asked me a question to be more or less if I would come with them, being very young and terrified I could only shake my head "no". They all looked at each other and as I still clearly remember looking very disappointingly at each other with only shaking their heads in sadness and all went back int the closet but the closet closed by itself as none of them took the door knob to close the door. I ran to my mother to tell her but she was too "busy" talking to a family friend ignoring me totally. Even now I wonder what would have happened to me if I did go with them and where they would have taken me. I still even remember the color of the paint on the kitchen walls. Dream? I think not.
Haeyled013 Haeyled013
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My, that is a amazing story.