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I know absolutely nothing about vampires, and I have always thought they were myths. But a few days ago I caught my fiancé drinking a dears blood. I am trying to find another vampire so hopefully they can tell me everything I need to know.
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I know just about everything there is to know about vampires message me and I'll explain.

Try asking him

Weird, does he throw up often? Or does he get sick a lot? Blood is very hard for humans to digest, and vampires don't HAVE to drink blood all the time. It's very unusual for things like this to happen. You should talk to him about this, he is your fiancé after all. Good luck!

you know it is actually a really good substitute, have you ever drank an alcoholic, I shudder that I'll ever do it again. Blood and alcohol should not mix.

have you assumed he is a vampire just because he drinks dears blood, or has he told you he is. he may merely be drinking it because of the way he was brought up, in some parts of the world cattle are kept just for blood letting it is a stable part of there diet, black pudding,s main ingredient is blood, there are many cultures who use blood as a stable part of there diet to supplement iron. i myself need to drink blood, i crave it some times as you may crave chocolate.

I thought the way everyone acted about this was kinda funny since its a vampire group. Its not that unusual hun. I mean its an easy tasty substitute if you consider how toxic humans really are. Aside from that on a human standpoint blood is used in a lot of things even gravy. I live in the mountains. Not that big of a deal really.

Message me I can help

That's weird........

That's totally not normal. Did you ask him WHY? Did it taste good to him? What was his reason...why, why, why... Ugh Turns my stomach.