Immortal Vampires

Sorry for the un-interesting title lol. So, I was just wondering, are there any immortal vampires? Like the ones that live forever, have red or gold-ish eyes, and run extremely fast, drink animal blood and not human's blood etc.? (Yes, I'm pretty much referring to the vampires in Twilight) Please leave some comments (or you can PM me) if you ARE an immortal vampire or if you know a friend or relative or anyone who is an immortal vampire. Thanks for reading :)

And please don't leave rude comments about how Im stupid for believing theres immortal vampires, vampires don't exist etc.

Oh and I'm actually willing to meet some of you if what you're saying is actually true. Really meet in person. ^.^

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Hi um yeah no there are no vampires that *Sparkle* but there is proof that vampires exist blood-drinking yes but more likely human blood than animal blood cause we hold longer and stronger life-blood than animals do. Message me to hear more.

Okay I just want to put this out there, not to be rude or any thing but. VAMPIRES DON'T SPARKLE. LOL XD

I am a beliver I have been doing a lot of reserch the last couple years there is a lot of "animal attacks" they all say the same thing "bite wounds to neck , majer blood loss that sounds lik vampires to me.

All vampires are mortal except for astral vampires that are dead and pure evil and will make you **** your pants but we do live slightly longer by the way the slender man from slender resembles exactly what a astral vampire would look like to an aura seer

Though there are immortals in the world,there are no immortal vampires. Twilight vampires are complete works of fiction and should be thought of as such. I and many other vampires find it insulting to be compaired to those fairies.

Well, i'm young just realized what i was when i was 11 (i'm 14 now), but i know that there are different types of vampires. I strongly think that those beings don't exist, but asi was saying in the beginning i still have lots to learn.

as i was** (sorry i hate messing up on grammar) I'M A GRAMMAR FREAK!