Why I Believe In Vampires...

I'm a believer...of vampires of course...though i have my doubts,i mean,it is impossible
to live forever,looking the same age as you were turned.But maybe using the blood
it some how keeps your system running differently than anyone,i don't know....But if you
think about it,people from the 16,17,and 1800's believed in them soooo much that
they brought vampire kits through the woods with them,the kits contained garlic,stakes,
vurvein etc. all for killing vampires...That's why i believe that along time ago,there were
vampires,i mean someone couldn't just magically think of a person who drinks blood,
lives forever,well staying the same age as turned,and someone couldn't just all of the
sudden call that type of person a vampire,there had to be something out there,scaring
people enough to bring weapons and stuff to kill the things they believed in called "vampires" and yes Dracula was a real person with a blood disease,and he had to have
peoples blood to live,but someone still couldn't just think of something,and create something called a vampire,i think there were,and maybe still are vampires today
i just think people now are doubtful,and no longer believe,but along time ago there was something those people saw,or knew,and that something was definitely a vampire,maybe along time ago,the vampires went in hiding,causing the people to longer believe...But i
do still have my doubts...But i believe...That there was something,and still is......
AlanaGilbert AlanaGilbert
18-21, F
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

hi I'm a believer too. Message me and we can talk, about vamps of course.