Last Summer.

It was around 3 in the morning, I was staying at my boyfriends house. We were up late and decided to go for a walk. We were at the edge of his driveway and could see the end of the street. All of a sudden we felt the air become very heavy and thick. We looked towards the corner of the street where there is a very small graveyard and up at the street light. The next thing we saw was something unexplainable to me. There was a dark figure that was in the shape of a person that seemed as if it was jumping down out of the tree but it was in a blur. The tree was close to 80 feet tall. Stupid enough we went to look just to see if whatever it was that jumped had landed and perhaps died and there was nothing. What we saw I know could not possibly be human, im still not surr what it was, but I would like some sort of explanation.
EmmalineFrankfurt EmmalineFrankfurt
18-21, F
Jan 28, 2013