I Will Be

I believe in all super natural beings but I want to be a vampire . I do a lot of research and they do exist I wish more people would be open minded about things like this . but when I turn everybody will stop thinking I'm crazy.

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I research vamps too, but I have no intention of becoming one. I'm a witch. Are you sure you've thought this through? If you have, then scour the web and if all else fails, PM me. If you haven't, think it through and then decide.

I know that not being human seems like such a good idea. You are right in thinking that there's more to life than what we all see but I guarantee you that it's not all pretty.

I'm not a vampire nor am I some odd supernatural creature; I am human just like you. I too used to believe that if I was physiologically different than everyone else then I would truly be in a sense, better than them.

Don't get me wrong, I still don't like the vast majority of humanity.

I understand the fustration of being your age; I was starting to seek for .. something out of the ordinary by the time I was ten but not all of it is wonderous. I've been attacked by non humans, I've come across a werewolf, a hunting species of people, a peaceful race of people (almost bordering on looking elvish), I've maimed a seriously insane vampire, smacked an angry spirit to protect a friend, saved a life or two, lost more people than I could save (which is a boy, a friend, and both my parents), and through all of that, I can tell you, I still felt just as alone and detached from the world. It's an inhuman connection you are seeking but with the very human desire of wanting to be connected to someone.

What I've gained over the last .. 22 years is an understanding. That acceptance is the most difficult thing to come to terms with. It's in our human nature to label things; seperate between "good" and "bad", "black" and "white" when there are no such things.

I was forced to become aware of this when I was nearing adulthood - with the hunting race of people; it was their culture, way of life just like it's natural for humans to be omnivores (eat both plant and meat) and therefore anyone not human were just that; not human and therefore human rules and labels don't apply.

So as a human, you must decide if you can live with that - you're asking for your humanity to be ******** away. I'm not sure about other races of people but how many of them do you know who cherish life as much as most humans in the same way that most humans do? Will you miss hugs? Kisses? Holding hands, being comforted, cuddled? They could be replaced with the strong urge to kill, to sate the need to consume human blood or human energy (psi vamping) which shortens a human's life. Do you truly want to be so strong that you can destroy the area you are standing in by a small gesture? (Doesn't have to be a vampire for that)

Just thought I'd add my thoughts about your multiple requests.

Wow you speak as if you have experienced this before, it is quite inspiring your way with words.