I want to be a vampire I will give up almost anything to become one but the thing is there are many therories to becomming a vampire but i would realy like to be one.
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thank god someone understands I am obsessed with vampire books and shows its a world I can escape to away from reality you know what I mean message me we'll talk.

I do agree with Akkadian, being an immortal comes with great consequences.

I don't think you would really want to become one, Everything has to be balanced, Vampires are immortal but suffer the consequences. I was asked to be turned and refused, Life is much better like this, Knowing every day could be your end.

Bullshit. You can't be turned and they aren't immortal. They live almost the same as normal human beings apart from growing older at a slower pace but not slow enough to be classes as having the looks of a 20 year old at the age of 80.

Coming from a person who just cussed at me... I don't think you know anything about vampires... As a matter of fact I KNOW that you know nothing about vampires.

Have you thought this through?

You cannot just "become a vampire" you have to be born one. It's all a lie that if ur bitten by a vampire you become one. Being vampire is nothing like you think. I suggest you don't try anything stupid like drinking someone's blood because that's the number one way to get HIV and AIDS. Enjoy who you really are, even if u may be human. We are all put on earth for a purpose, its up to you to find out what. Don't try to be someone your not.