Navajo Shape Shifters

When you think of ware wolves you usrally think of twilight I think there logic is correct but when I think of ware wolves I think of shape shifters they are deffenetly real this I have seen they say its a curse because to become you have to be born into that blood line. They say that someone in your imidiat family has yo die when and if that happens the oldest child will be able to transform into a wolf they were animal skins to kill one you have to put ashes on a bullet an shoot but don't miss they will kill you in human form to me they are kind of like ware wolves if you have any questions comment or message me.
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Stop getting your info from tv shows >:(

im sorry I don't I live in New Mexico and the reservation is wright next to were I live I grew up with this stuff I have done research on this type of thing so I don't know what shows u watch but I did not get my info from it

Oh really? I grew up on the rez girl. I am native. Your profile pic is vampire diaries. Do NOT bullshit me.

Lol that didnt take long.