Have Met a Few

Yep I have met a few modern day ones anyway and they drank blood of donors and I have also met a psychic one that I had to do a protection spell on jus so I could be around without him draining me. I have always believed in them since I was a kid ( the story ones) and I think that it would be awesome to have that much power and be able to see things that go on for eternity.

medusaeyes medusaeyes 36-40, F 5 Responses Feb 16, 2009

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yeah about that, no. It's not a good thing to be one of us it's a curse

I completely agree with you...I dread the thought of expiration because there will be so many things that I won't ever get to see or experience. I have only experienced one thing that steers me toward belief in vampires, but still I believe strongly in them.

its always possible

Wow, I might know them.

And why shouldnt you?