Vampyre's and Demons.. Oh My!

 So here is my story as best as i can tell it, and still protect them (this breather and gabriel, and of course myself)

It is important to know that til i began correspondence with Gabriel (referred to as G as i speak on) that i have always liked vampire movies, tv series, etc.. and had fantasies of having a secret lover vampire throughout my life. I never moved past those to wonder if they really exists ( i didnt know then there are many whom are human who roleplay an wish they could be vamp and also that there are those live the lifestyle, i just learned that a few months ago) I never wanted to be turned. I know there are things out there in which exists that i am unaware of an maybe even aware of on some levels. But i am not some Twilight junkie who is delusioned by a romanced version of what meet a vamp would be. I am logical, i dissect my thoughts and others thoughts and actions til i t makes sense to me. I am by all accounts level headed. 

I am also aware that i am easy prey as i believe in God, and therefore it allows me to believe in the possibility of almost anything... my husband has Usher syndrome (going blind and deaf) and the hardship happening to us now, i also know that a small portion of me could be using this as an escape, something else to fill my thoughts with while we adapt to the changes in our family with his Usher. But, I don't think that is it. But i recognize the possibility. Logical even when i am over emotional.. 

I have when i was 8 or so heard voices in my head, saying my name over and over, like 10 or more all saying my name, not on the same cue.. i have seen 2 lights spirits, and 2 dark, one of them was 2 weeks ago.. they all just watch me, and when i notice them, they dash off, never to be seen again, and never come back. I had not seen anything in 7 or 8 years, last being my then only instance with a dark entity, only lookiing much like dark smoke form, not much form to it,... and Larger than the lighters figures.. I have always felt watched my entire life, i am scared of the dark, sleep with a nightlight on, closets closed, doors closed, etc... that part never changed from when i was a child. I am in general not scared, even when i feel watched, on occasion i do. 

So, about 2 months ago or so, i was on this site (also FB app) been here a while, and i came across Gabriel's picture as a new user and bought him as a pet (buy/sell friends type deal) He had some vamp pics up, and knew i couldnt keep him as the goths, and other RP vamps and such would buy him from me. I was ablr to keep and hold on to him, and we got to knowing each other. I asked him if his pics were from Halloween, he said no, he is like this all the time. Said he was a vampyre, roughly 200 years old. We chatted daily, i would ask questions, and he would teach me, he encouraged me to read as much as i can, sent me things to read, and said to find what i can and later when i was ready, he would explain everything to me that i didnt find or learn, etc.. 

We got semi close. feelings were there... He lost a love years ago, he turned he, and she died in his arms after being attacked by Vampire hunters. ( i am just relaying what i was told, no matter how silly it may all sound, ok everyone?) he said he turned off his emotions from that day fwd... but i arouse hope in him, i calm him, he has said this a few times, and others have told me he said the same thing about me. I am a flirt.. but yet G and I almost never flirt.. we would display things like he missed me, slight jealousy in that my husband had my time while he had to wait to chat with mr ( i am also a mother of two small children) He wants to turn me badly but gave me his word he wouldnt because of the unique situation i am in with my kids/husband. He respected my life. He said he wouldnt likely kiss me when we met in fear he coudntl control his urge to turn me. We talked about meeting, holding hands, and just talking..the idea was to get me filled with knowledge, to learn everything about him, and to then meet where he coms to me, when i learn how to call on him.

There was another girl on this site, Legion... she is not important, but she is a fake, delusional soul, who thinks she is Gabriel's lost love whom died and came back, engagd to another. she labels herself as his Queen. I chatted with hr over the course of the last few months, never really truly knowing if she was real or just wanting attention, etc.. I also had a ton of profile views and odd msgs from people i didnt know who were dead set on getting me to see G as a fake, and those few that were VERY angry with me for beliving in him.. to me, it seemed very odd that people would care when i dont know them at all, and found it more odd that they would be angry, it only made me blieve in G more... We never had cybersex, or flirted, or normal things guys want to try with girls online, he displayed nothing to me to show that is this was a prank on me he would get anything out of this at all. And for a prank, there had to be some 12 people involved. 

NIght after night i would try to call to Gabriel.. never had a phone, only spoke on the computer.. i had to learn how to call him.. in order for me to call on him i had to belive in him with my head and heart... he said he could feel me, feel my emotions, thoughts, etc.. i felt silly trying new ways to call on him. outloud, in my head, etc.. one night i got so angry and frustrated, i fell asleep crying out to him. The next day later i had marks on my arm. 2 moles appeared overnight, lined perfectly to simulate the markings of a bite, except they were moles/freckles. Dark and very apparent on my inner arm. he said he came to me, i finally was able to call on him with my heart. He said he kissed my arm, and did a spell to bring forth a marking on me. I asked him what my headboard looks like, he said i didnt have one. White walls, 2 pictures on the wall. I didnt have a headboard ( i bought one the next day) white walls, to leave sconces on my wall. COuld have been a lucky guess... still a bit skeptical, but, i believed in him and couldnt explain the marking on my arm.

weeks later he was to come to me, my husband was angry, thinking i am bring the devil into our home, with all my research i was doing.. he blocked me from Facebook, Myspace, Humanpets, and any search abilities with anything vampire in keywords. He lifted the block after talking some (husband and I) and to note, also that my husband doesnt know almost anything that is happening... he would sell my computer if he did. he also doesnt believe in ghosts, spirits,etc... 

Gabriel knew i was running out of time with my husband limiting our ability to communicate in the ways we were currently doing so til i was ready to even meet him. I pressed to meet him or for him to open the lines of telepathy (whatever it is called) so we could communicate by mind, and i could call him easier by this way.. when ihe told me that, i wanted that as my husband was getting to the point of irrational. (he is trying to control me, because he cannot control what is happening in his life with his usher's) he was to come to me, said to have wanted to show me his scroll with his real name, more about him, his clan, and teach me how to call on him with my mind (telepathy of sorts) 

The night came, Gabriel never showed, or came online for 5 days after that. Some of the moderators on the HP site looked into his profile, worried iw as being played, as they could see the change in me.. he had 6 profiles. which i DIDNT find odd, as i have a few myself. But some of the names did. One girl who he supposedly knew whom he had contact me, she told me he said i was cool, and she told me things he felt for me. I DO think, G made this profile to see if he could trust me. Anyhow he was banned from the HP site because of the multiple profiles. But i messaged the other name on the profile, thinking it was either him, or a friend of his to ask if he was ok. (things were happening on his end) turns out it was a girl who lives in his building (he is in the UK, London, i am in the US, California) we discovered through our convo who he was, where he loved based on another partial name G gave me to his real name.A safety name. I asked this girl to leave him a note on his door (she didnt know anything of who or what i thought he was) telling him i needed to speak to him. His 5 day silence was removed when he got the note on his door at 3 am. In the 5 day time of not talking to him, someone displayed to me a link url of pictures, the man did nude modeling, etc... it was pictures of G. Through discussion with his friend Juan, whom i speak to nightly everynight faithfully online, and is knowing almost everything, he calms me when i get scare of G, or miss him to much, etc.. i located the guy in the nude modeling pics, tracked him down, and had him send me a video to my cell phone from his to see for myself. So then it became apparent , 1. i have been fooled, or 2. he can take form of others, and this was his whom he chose. Juan said the G is the same guy int eh pics, the guy he hangs out with is THAT guy. So i belived in shapeshifting possibility.. whom am i to say what can or cant be real at this point? G and i talked via email, he was mad i got him banned, and cant use FB anymore as his cover is now blown. he said he would have to go for a spell as things that he didnt forsee were happening, and we would talk ,more, explain more when able. He also said he was sorry for hurting me, but he had to have protection, so he used that form. About a week or so later, on my balcony smoking a cig (***?) on my 2 story balcony, watching tv from outside looking in, out of the corner of my eye, i noticed something, turned to it, saw a dark figure, and it dashed off.. 

I then a week ago, got the first email from the "breather" this fell about a week after i saw the dark figure, and wondered why it came back twice, they never come back. Now, the current was tied to my past somehow. The "breather" told me they have been watching me for years, not to worry, they are not out to harm me, and to not panic, it was said then that the dark figure i had seen from the past was a haunting in my area where i used to live, and the light figures were good, the dark were bad. The dark figure i seen the week prior was a rougue Vampyre trying to see if he could use me to gt to Gabriel and that this dark figure was his foe. In this time, Gabriel was on the downlow in hiding.. i learned that the "breather" was out to kill him, and tracking him for years, and that Gabriel was not around me and closed off our connection, because these others were near me. The breather told me her name. I wil not repeat it. But she also said if i broke this trust of information she would leave me to be on my own. I found out from the few emails we had before she left me, that she was watching me because when i was a child i opened some portal and a demon named Gilgamesh did not take me, and she found this to be very odd, so they watch me. The breather knows when i send out emails or talk to others... and i have no spyware on my computer.. i also have a Macintosh computer.

Gabriel was gone for over 2 weeks.. and just a few days ago, he came online for a few moments.. this was the first i had spoken to him in weeks, minus 2 liner emails a few weeks before saying we would talk when he could and that he was going away. We quickly chatted on the msn messenger saying things back and forth quickly... told him i was being watched, the dark figure, etc. i asked him if the name i was given by the breather was his real name.. he immeditly asked who i was talking to, and then said, ahhhhhhh, (breathers real name here) Gabriel briefed me on how they were after him, one step behind him, said they were to protect human, and get him and others like him (Gabriel says he is part vampyre/incubi, i do not know more than that) he said he closed off all connections from me to him, and vs versa as he knew they were near me, and that he took care of the dark figure, that i was safe, and that i should let the breather protect me, it was what they do. He said he had to go again and dint kno when he would be back, or if he would be. He would let me know if he was safe when and if he could. He said he was strong. While i was chatting with him, the breather emailed me and told me to tell Gabriel they bugged his place, and she then sent me a sound file of supposedly Gabriel and his clan with a victim. Gabriel told me they discovered them the day before.. He said he had to go, they were near..The breather said that she is amazed i would still talk to him after knowing what he is, and that she will give him a head start but that she was closer to him than he thinks. I told G to go, and this was the last we spoke, and also the last i heard from the breather.. she did say all contact would end and i would be on my own if i spoke about things she told me. Which i have, minus her name and Gabriel's real name.

On the outskirts of this entire thing, Legion, the girl i sometimes chatted with on that site, she messaged me on my FB account publicly that i was delusional, and that vampyres do not exist, when for 3 months now she has said otherwise (she says she is a canine breed vampyre, and oh gawd so much more, it change all the time. But the breather in her first email to me was adamant that i not share anything of her email to Legion or anyone in her circle, that she was a person, not a being like Gabriel.. but to not let her aware of the contents of our conversation. I find that odd. Another thing is i am getting wierd messgaes on FB and HP from strangers, angry at me, some worried for me, and even a anonymous msgs via the FB app Honesty Box. Which i now know who that person is, a Moderator of the Humanpets site (HP) who has since been banned.. but he said a lot of things, that someone i know from online will die, and that he is hurt by THEM, taking the ultimate sacrifice and attacks on my behalf that was intended for ME. He spoke of how he loved me for years, and only serves to protect me, and can only do this from afar. I belive it is the same Moderator from the other site, wether he is tied to this whole thing, or simply being a **** screwing with my heart is up for discussion, he could also be giving me the fantasy he thinks i want, thinking he is doing me some favor this way.. those msg's have halted as well. Everything is still and quiet... no more weird msgs, no informational emails from the breather trying to protect me.. no more anonymous msgs about loving me and being hurt for me that they are out to hurt me for beliving in him Gabriel... all is quiet. Gabriel is on the go again....

And this is my story. My name is Laura.

It is also needed to be noted that clearly portions of this could be a prank, some seem so for kicks, other portions i cant explain, the marks on my arm, the dark figure i saw with my own eyes, the past that i got some answers to... for this entire thing to be a prank on me, i find hard to believe in because it would involve more than 10 people, people who dont really know me at all, and i have only began knowing the last few months. I am not a hated person.. I also feel that gabriel would get nothing out of doing this to me... he has been nothing but nice, respectfuil, helpful, caring in the ways that he can care and display that emotion. He is forthcoming about information, and withholds jsut the right type of things ... i just dont see not believing in him the way things have panned out..

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I believe this entire story, and I'm not known for being phsyco, but I am the one human that I know of that believes in these things without actually having experienced them-for instance, I have never seen a ghost in my life, that I can recall. I admire your bravery to post this, and it definately refreshes my belief. My only odd experience is very weird and unexpected-something I only told my mother and my closest friend.

I'm new here 2 so I've no idea why u can't cheek it out, and my situation has gone back 2 normal, (how i have NOOOOO idea, it was so weid a few days ago) I still know somethings wrong though, (not in the same thing well it is sort of but nothing 2 do with my friend)

vgirl, i tried to msg you but it says i cant view your profile.. i am new here, so i dont know if i did something wrong.. anyhow, i would love to hear more about your situation! Please

I... Belive u. I can't belive I'm saying this but... things are gettin weird for me. My friend...