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I do believe in vampires.  I hope to meet one- to learn from one.  I do not believe that the only vampires in this world are the so-called modern type ie: sang or psi vampires - i think that  there are vampires of the slow ageing, incredible strength type (as we see in books and movies).  I belive that they are more than what we have seen of them - even more than we can comprehend.  human nature is such that it denies anything it cannot explain and i believe that in this age of technology we have forgotten to listen with our hearts and listen only with out minds.  i am not saying that the mind is a bad thing but we should all stive to find the balance between the heart and the mind that allows us to see perfectly the real world we live in.

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I believe that that is true, never aging, to die for beautiful, vampires exist! Like in the movies. I believe that all those legends are true, I come from Serbia, and trust me I heard a few! I just hope I will meet one in my lifetime... I am an ultimate nerd and would kinda like to have the whole eternity just to read all the books :D

Pm me i will explain whatever you want within reason but I will tell you now about astral vampires they are pure evil and will make you **** your pants if you see them the are pretty much vampire goasts and you ever played slender well the slender man in it is an exact disciption of one

Sorry to say this but there are only two types of vampires,trust me I know.

I believe in them as well. I have never seen one (that I know of) and I have only very personal proof, but I do believe that they exist, or maybe it is just yurning for them to exist...I really can't say. But please consider joining my new website: www.believeinfantasies.webs.com

If you believe passionatly enough, anything can happen. <br />
Keep believing, keep hoping and you will find what you are looking for.<br />
Or not. ya never know.