Well, There Is No Need to Just Believe ;-)

We exist :-)

And we are NOT afraid of garlic or cross either :) Silver is our most loved metal so I much doubt a silver bullet would help lol

We live both during the night and during the day lol

And we don't need much sleep as well ;-)

There MUST be a reason 4 that ;)


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14 Responses Jul 2, 2009

hello I am new to the world of the vampire of turning into one but I am not sure what to do. I have the hands that turn like a master with the thumbs sticking out like a chicken bone and I want to know what to do . i tran on both the exercise and jars so what do I do

Are u ready to give immortality

If you were a vampire you wouldn't be announcing yourself to these people like that. Saddening.

only one man's opinion matters

i want in.

no one's going to curse you with this

I believe but thats just my opinion. and everyone knows one mans opinion dosn't matter. right?

If vampires did exist I am sure that these beliefs of them being sensitive to sunlight, being able to fly, being able to mind read, and so forth are just beliefs.These individuals may just have a thirst for blood due to them lacking iron or such and I am sure that they do not go around drinking from humans. <br />
<br />
The bottom line is that a lot of myths are just myths. Some may be real but most are not.

We are real TSooner. and if you dont belive it. then ztry me. or any one else who says they are. most will be posers. but we are out there. trust me Babe ;)

Yeah, bite me (pun intended). Vampire's ain't real!

Is it true that you can become a vampire if you are bitten or do you have to be born one?

Actually is you read the older legends of vampires, vampires came out of the ground in search for the life of small children, cattle, spreading plague and diseases, and to kill the ones that they were raised from. Early legens say that in the popular times vampires were created by witchs who invoced dark magick to bring the dead back to life for purposes of causeing harm and distruction. Others say that if the person made a packt with a demon or other evil creature so that they could live forever they could come back from the dead and live their lives. Other newer acounts from other eastern cultures sudjest you had to have done something wicked or suffered a fatal near-death experience to become a vampire.

NOT OUR FAULT WE USED TO KILL SMALL CHILDREN just putting that out there

helloo (: <br />
i'm definetly a believer , but i have something i really want to ask to an vampire.. when and how did you realize what you really are?

I believe what she is talking about is the HERV's virus...its "nickname" is the Vampire virus.

i don't believe you....give me a reason pls..

steps out of the shadows and says oh maybe but not without a fight we watch out for each other to and just to let you know im a real vampire to