Over the years we have watched numerous people try to hurt our family, but in the end hurt themselves or things "just happened" to them.  For example, years ago several folks tried to hurt our family because we disagreed with their meddling into our personal affairs through our children from their school at the time.  One woman's home burned down.  Thank goodness we had already moved away when this happened.  Another woman's husband's vehicle stalled on the railroad tracks. He didn't make it.  Another family made false accusations and some had to retire early costing them their full social security while others were held accountable by the community.  Then came the car wreck where the other party was responsible then lied to get out of the ticket and tried to take the insurance companies for a ride at our expense.  We managed to get the ticket overturned and listed as a no fault once his lies came to light on tape.  But in the meantime, he went under the knife for money and ended up with alot more problems than he pretended to have going in.  He never got all the money he did this for.  Then we had a wild ride following this when we made a move to start fresh for our family and an entire county had a secret we stumbled across due to 50 years of boundary issues and a county survey as the culprit.  It affected our first home.  They did everything possible to silence us but refused to resolve it.  No one in our family was immune to their harrrassment and threats of violence.  Even the county admitted we had no one who would look out for us including the sheriff's department.  We had an officer who lived 2 doors from us.  But he was related to parties involved and played his part, too.  Our children at middle school age got the opportunity to see this man in action as he harrassed our family while we were on our own property doing this in uniform and in his squad car.  To this day he is a disgrace to the uniform, in our opinion, and owes our family an apology. He is now willing to cross state lines to participate in our current real estate fraud case for the opposing side and has slandered our name on his county sheriff's department letterhead.  This means he has liabled his county. There have been others along the way who have also tried to take advantage of us and we have had to stand our ground.  I know it is a battle of good versus bad in this world.  But we have seen first hand what can happen.  I do believe we have a higher up watching out for us which is why things turn out the way they do.  Personally, I wouldn't mess with the BIG GUY up there and when you mess with his people it came come back to bite you in the backside.

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I agree. We have seen it play out too many times to believe anything other than what comes around goes around. Worth considering when making decisions in life. Thank-you .

I checked this website out and it is amazing. Will pursue and pass on. Thank-you so much.

Bullies are cowards who do not like anyone who stands up to them. Better to take a stand and fight for what is right then let it continue to the point where they are out of control. If not, then you will suffer.<br />
<br />
God always knows the score. Live your life for Him and he will be there for you. Live life justly.

I agree, I am very quickly finding out that 'Bullies, and the 'criminal element' do not like, nor really know how to stand their ground against Integrity and the light of Honesty. and there is Always 'Somebody' upstairs who Knows exactly who is living their life as they were placed upon this Earth to live it, and who is not. and any one who can Intentionally do harm to an innocent Human Being, or family, Will without a doubt, forshure recieve his/her just dues. call this 'carma, or what ever,but here very recently, I have seen this My self, where 'events tumble into place, and the guilty party gets the 'short end of the stick for once. and know You are Never-alone, as there are plenty of us around that place high value on honesty, and have a strong sense for Justice.

I think we are more than ready for a very long break, vacation, anything good anyway. Our life has been a "test" but have proven time after time we will stand for what is right. As the saying goes, "Pray without ceasing" and that seems to describe where we are at. I have to believe that God has not abandoned us and he has a purpose in all of this. Our situations were completely unneccessary but they put us in a place where we have no choice but to pursue it. Our past has taught us alot. Life is always full of consequences and rewards depending on what you are doing. Too bad so many don't think that through. I would never wish ill will on anyone but I do expect wrongs to be made right. Refuse to be anyone's doormat and forgiving them doesn't change that. If you don't fight they just think they do more and never stop. It doesn't matter if it is family, friends, or business, the same applies.<br />
I love what you wrote and found it to be encouraging. So appreciate it and your support. We are tired of fighting alone and found it time to share much of what has been inside of us for so long. Thank-you and God Bless.

I have to quote a song for you Legalities,"THEY SAY YOU GOT TO STAND FOR SOMETHING, OR YOU'LL FALL FOR ANYTHING!" Your family has definitely been through some awful things haven't they? I completely know that God is watching over you. With everything that has come back and kicked those liars and backstabbing creeps in the be-hind, it only proves that God is NOT happy with his children. It is up to any Father to discipline his children right? Well, He is NOT PLEASED!!! I have been treated horribly by people in the past, for no reason. I told them that even as mad as I am right now, and as mad I will be, I still wished them a better friend to them, than the friend they've been to me. You don't need to be anybodys doormat. I am going to request you in my circle, so we can talk if you don't mind. Take Care, and hope to hear from you.<br />

Life has been a very long journey for us. Unfortunately, our latest battle is not over yet. But we are now in the process of setting a court date. I don't really understand the reasons we have had to deal with these things but we have learned alot from our experiences. But you are right, we can't let them win by tearing us down to their level, we have to stay strong and persevere. People need to hear so they know they need to stand for what is right and fight. It will only get worse if you don't. We have gained our strength from a higher up. I believe He has a purpose in all of this for us.

You seem to have over come alot and its nice to hear someone open up and got people to hear what really was going on,you have to be strong and carry on as so many people love to take pride in hurting people and love to see people mess up,but i am glad you have over come your troubles yes it does seem as you have someone looking out for you......