The Title Says It All Really.

I have to be a bigger person and take whats dished out to me as its been on going having people single me out for personal reasons to do with my life and what i do and they feel the need to judge and tell me what to do,never have i ever been the type of person to give any notice of what people think of me,but i always thought that when you get over 18 you could do what you wanted and your life was up to you,but just latley i have been the target of Haters who want to push me around and tell me what to do and intimdate me down to the fact of my mental break down so i have become easy pray for my hunters,as i just cant be asked to play their sick mind games they want to now round me up and force me out while making it clear they are going to do things to make me feel threatend,but i have always held my own and protected myself but down to the fact of that i have now got these people on my case to see if they can take me out as it comes across i can handle myself but i am being forced into it so what do you think you would do if you was me as i am having secret harressment and they are playing head games with me,but they seem to have a thing for what they are doing......

nuttyrocker nuttyrocker
26-30, F
1 Response Mar 7, 2010

In one of our experience our entire family was threatened and harrassed on our own property for nearly 4 years straight. This was in the county with boundary problems that affected our home. We could not leave the confines of our home without cameras, tape recorders, etc. to record this on our own property and at our fencelines. It was our shield of proof for protection. We never let them see the tears and held our ground. It terrified them. They could not figure how to break us. Eventually, we had to walk away and turn our situation over to the HUD Fraud Dept. in Washington D.C. Point is, stand your ground and do what is right for you at this point in your life. Only you ultimately know what is in your best interest. You may need to start a new life with new people. That is a real possibility to gain the positives you need. Clearly these people are not helping. You need to move forward in life and start new. You deserve this. Pursue it. It will give you a new lease on life. Good luck!