Words Do It For Me ...

I love words

The written word

The spoken word

I love explaining and sharing using words

I love enthusiatic passionate words

I love erotic sensual words

I love inspiring comforting words

I love funny wacky words

I love all words

Except mean and hatefull ones







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18 Responses Mar 26, 2009

Thanks for the Lucinda Williams link LilAnnie. How fitting!<br />
I love her music.<br />
<br />
wobble. weebles - but we don't fall down.

i love words just wish I could spell them!!

I love the words magic and magical .. am interested at once . <br />
<br />
Some words are just so right and others just so wrong but all wonderful except the really mean ugly ones

sexy. succumb, slither

songstress<br />
<br />
Your story reminded me of this: http://lilannie.blogs.experienceproject.com/112190.html

Funk, fritter, froth



sniffle. zygote. zoinks (that's for you Max)<br />
<br />
Fribble - As a noun, a frivolous person. As a verb, to waste time.

Good one Wanya!<br />
<br />
audacious, tumultuous, ubiquitous

Ooh .. .<BR><BR>G' day Wanya

beligerent, bamboozled, squiffy

ooh - I love words too, but am unworthy of this gang!!<br />
<br />
~ scrumptous ~

faff, tosh, woffle.

Yep .. but sometimes I just enjoy words for their sake alone .. <BR>squidgy, grizzled, scunchy,slumberous ...

Oh .. hehe .. you jumped in there datura ..<br />
<br />
Love yours as well <br />
<br />

I love yours flutterby xx

ditto, Flutterbly!