Say You Plus Me Equals Us Always

I hear your masculine voice speaking; I feel the words tickle my ear as you speak them, “I want you to have me-just me and I want to have you-just you."  For a moment I am lost in the beauty of this moment but then my mind returns to reality realizing this is crazy and that it can't be, there is so much else in my life, your life, our lives. It seems an impossibility that we can make it work. However when I am with you, when you are in me, and all those times before and after, I am just crazy enough to believe that it is much more than a possibility and that it is indeed a certainty.

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4 Responses Jun 15, 2012

Thank you

I absolutely love this story ...I wish I had written it myself...I'm sure there are several of us on here that can totally relate to this story.

Thank you Ginga. Love the avatar.

What a lovely equation...