You Are Worthy Of Loving Yourself

I love you. You know that, and you know how much I do.

I promise to give you everything within my power to make your life with me the vision of peace we both share, full of love, happiness, passion and beautiful children.

The one thing I most want to give you is not mine to give. It is something you must discover within yourself.

You are beautiful, in mind, heart, body, soul and spirit. You are kindness, You are joy. You are compassion. And you are love.

I know these things about you... I see them in you always.

You, my Love, are worthy of seeing and embracing these qualities about yourself.

Since it is not my place to give that gift to you, here is what I can and will give you instead.

You will always have with me a world of trust, safety, understanding, acceptance, growth.

I will hold your hand on your journey, only letting go in moments when you need to stand strong and proud on your own, but I will always be beside you.

I will wrap my arms around you as you face fears and challenges, whispering encouragement and affirmation into your soul.

I will be firm when you doubt your abilities, knowing you need only believe in yourself as I already believe in you, and will not let you give up.

I will be your champion, holding you high upon my shoulders in all your victories great and small.

You deserve no less from me.

You deserve no less from yourself.

Believe in you, my Love.

I do...
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I love you