You Are Special

In life you will always find someone who will hurt you

Selfish people who are not able to love

but only put others down.

Never let anybody say to you

your targets can never be reached

you are never going to be someone

or it is not worthwhile

to believe in dreams.

We all make mistakes and have regrets

We are human beings with feelings

and we learn from our experiences

If you want to trust someone

Then trust first in yourself

Believe in your instincts

Follow your heart

and never give up.

Everything is possible

Happiness exists

and I believe in you!!!


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8 Responses Apr 10, 2009

These words you've spoken are so beautiful and so true =)

Total trust is a rare thing but when you trust your own instincts you know when you can trust a person intently. It takes a very special connection.

Yes I do...

Such very true words Princess and you are very special... xx :-)

I believe in you princess. Smiles!

you are a true princess tp*

Did your children inspire this? Every word is inspiring and true.

that is so lovely