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Okay, so I'm no freckled girl in the woods, but the quote is justified. True zombies are survivors of an experience so traumatic that they suffer from Stockholm Syndrome. Many details of zombi behaviour could be connected to atrophy, muscle death, or psychosematic symptoms. While the Romero Zombie is a purely fictitious construct, serious research into disease by the writers of Zombieland and similar Apocalypse stories suggest the Romero Zombie could one day be just as real as the traditional zombi. While the majority of scientists are critical of zombies, the only "undead monster" with as much evidence of factual basis is the psychic vampire, a phenomenon many have never even heard of.
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There are some seriously WEIRD things reported in the news lately. Talk of paranoia due to 12/21/12, people rioting and having flash mobs, add to that nude people who are attacking at random, sometimes covered in blood... Go figure. Something weird is in the air. How many people have been saying, for how long, "these really are end times..."? <br />
<br />
Just plain scary/stupid/unpredictable. I only wonder what's next. :P