It's The Child's Choice

It's the child's choice wether he be circumcised or not. Lets go through some excuses for doing it so I can burst everyones bubble:

Looks: oh dang I'm a boy I'm automatically ugly for living. If its there its supposed to be there. Guess what when nature designed the human body it didn't think of looks plus its natural to be there so how is nature ugly. Nobody complained about animals being cut did they.

Hygiene: I'm too stupid to know how to clean myself. If your child doesn't know how to clean his foreskin your failing as a parent for not teaching or telling him. It should also be common sense to the child but some parents don't teach their kids nothin and want to keep them stupid.

It reduces stds and cancer: well here's a big one. I'm going to lay this one out differently
Stds: well he shouldn't have done it with her without them both being tested and cut men can get them too
Cancer: wow were reducing the chances of an ultra rare cancer by maybe 2%. Dang why don't we cut off his head so he can't get brain cancer or but off his skin so he can't get skin cancer. Oh did I mention some babies die from complications. Go on say how rare that is you can yell about it being rare but I garenteed if it were your child you'd be a blubbering idiot.

Religion: do I even have to say it at this point. It's the child's choice. If they want to be circumcised for their religion let them do it when their a full grown adult. How will he feel if he choices not to be religious, you just cut him up for nothing.

If there are any other reasons tell me and ill burst your bubble too. I hope this madness is finally put to an end and one more thing GO FOREGEN HEAL THESE CHILDREN OF HORRIBLE OR STUPID PARENTS!!!
also its sexist sense they don't do it to girls its barbaric and horrible to do to girls but not boy. Foreskin IS NOT a birth defect.
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circumcision is at least becoming a little less prevelent in the US. My boys are not circumcised and they say about 1/3 of their friends and boys in PE are not circumcised.

I completely agree. Thanks for this.

i understand how you feel hurt and angry.... and i fully agree with your arguments... adults have the right to make their own choice if they chose to self mutilate. babies and children deserve the protection of law, until they are old enough to make an informed choice. it is simple - you have my support. respect, from robbie