It's pretty clear to me that intelligence is much wider than knowledge. 

Knowledge is achieved by using a part of the mind's arsenal of tools to acquire information. 

Knowledge in it's academic sense, is like an encyclopaedia.  But what makes the connection between the dots?  The dots are worthless without it. 

Emotions, reactions and even reflexes make part of the human cognitive system which ultimately is a system of self defense, that very specific need of humans to continuously refine their radar.  The equal development of all the information systems could be of paramount importance. 

The world got so extremely complicated that we can only know parts of it.  The resulting inevitable knowledge gap on the individual level, should be covered by a well developed and trustworthy affective education and a refinement of intuition as a sensor in lesser known fields.  Neglecting emotional development can have harmful consequences.  Especially when raw emotions get free rein on a social scale and hits the streets. 

Even the noblest emotions can be dangerous.  Man should think with his heart and feel with his brain.

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56-60, M
Feb 28, 2010