What My Dad Use To Tell Me About Waiting To Have Sex......

Besides all the stuff about waiting till you' re much older and not rushing into having sex, my Dad would say that sex takes on a different meaning when you invest the time in really getting to know the person.  I remember him saying something about nurturing a great friendship is the best thing you can do to make sure that you have good sex.  I use to try to keep a straight face whenever he said that because I thought It was just a ploy to try to get me to delay having sex or not have it at all. 

Months ago, I read a post on EP and wrote the person a private message.  I do that from time to time  to let the writer know that what they said moved me or made me laugh.  Well he wrote me back and we've been talking and writing back and forth to each other ever since. We've shared our joys, pains, aches, worries, etc.  and fould myself falling for him.  He has written poetry about me and about us that has brought me tears. 

I couldn't wait any longer to meet this man so we made plans.  We have exchanged pictures so we each knew what the other looked like. 

The first smile that he gave me as he saw me pull up in his driveway melted my heart.  I could barely unbuckle my seatbelt when he was already reaching in to the truck to hug me.  His hug felt so famaliar. 

When our lips touched for the first time and he kissed passionately, it felt like home.  He grabbed my hand to hold it as we walked inside his house.  

Everytime he touched me, kissed me or  held me meant so much more because this man knew me better than I know myself. 

And the sex?? Words can't express how much more passionate and amazing it was because this man took the time to reach the depths of my soul to get to know the person that I really am inside. 

Dad was right.    


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3 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Thanks for making my heart smile. that's so nice! if only all the people in the world could experience friendship and true love. Wouldn't it be such a wonderful place to live.

Good things surely have come to you who have waited! Great story. You deserved it. BTW, your dad was a wise man. What other wisdom did be share with you?

S M I L E -- i have the warmest smile in my heart and on my face for you, and your so S M I L E