Romantic Gesture

My husband and I went to a formal military function recently. My beautiful silver shoes, which I was looking forward to wearing, turned out to be less than comfortable. By the time I walked from the lobby to the banquet hall, I had open blisters on top of both big toes, and more on the top of two other toes.

I had a few glasses of wine, and while I didn't do anything foolish or embarrassing, I was out like a light when we got home.

The next day he had duty on the ship. He woke me to say goodbye, and I dozed for a while. When I finally got out of bed I discovered my blisters were covered with bandaids. I was almost moved to tears that he had doctored my raw skin while I was asleep. I know a couple of bandaids may not seem like much, but they reminded me of the thoughtfulness I love so much in this man I married, and it struck me as a very intimate and caring gesture.
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3 Responses Jul 25, 2010

He is definately a keeper. Memories like this help me remember why I love him at those moments when I want nothing more than to throw something at his head! I really am lucky to have found someone like him, and even more lucky he puts up with my craziness.

Love is a verb...doing something for someone for fun and for free, with NO expectation of anything in return. It's all the little unexpected extras that makes love so special. <br />
I bet he smiled the entire time he lovingly cared for your blisters, knowing in his heart that when you woke, his love would bring a smile to your face. <br />
Intimacy is a beautiful thing, hang on to your man, he definately is a keeper.

It's the little things that make us love them so much. Glad to hear he's home and you're happy.