Animal Attraction

We all know what animal attraction is are raw animal sex is we call
them one night stands.
But to have true intimacy between you and your partner you should
have the touching of souls not just bodies that's sex.
We are mammals ( animals ) but we don't have to act that way.
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3 Responses Apr 6, 2012

It's very nice when you find both animal attraction & true intimacy with someone... :) I agree with your thoughts 100%

Yes it is
Thank you for reading and your comment

I hope to find that for myself :-(

Touching of souls is hot!!!

Yes it is.

There is indeed a much deeper connection than sex alone needed to experience intimacy. Sex is okay, but that doesn't compare to the feeling of a connection of two souls coming together in understanding, completing each other as nothing else ever could. You are right, we are mammals but there is no need to act uncivilized and immature. Great post.

Thank you, A deeper connection is the truest form of intimacy

You are welcome. I agree 100%. I believe that is what a lot of people search for, but they don't always find it, because it's rare and it still takes hard work to have that even with the right person, if it happened automatically then relationships wouldn't have value or be appreciated as they are.