Friday Night Again....and Saturday Morning

So he is moving in 7 days. Seven days. Yesterday we translated that into hours, something like 160 hours. That is not so many, just a few, really.

This is my second recent story in this group about him and me, and my feelings of treasuring the intimacy which is partly sexual and partly just because I feel so happy with him, so warm, understood, excited, cared for, caring.

Last night he invited me to share some steaks with him. Then when I ran late cause of work he invited me to meet him at an open meeting for AA with a well known local football player speaking. I had to get there late and caught the tail-end. I was busy looking at the crowd and taking in the ambiance. The guy had finished his talk and was doing q & a with the audience. But my boyfriend asked me to see it so I could tell my brother about this club.

After, we went to the grocery store and picked out some steaks and salad stuff to make dinner. He was teasing me about my reaction to his comments about the speaker. At his house he did the steaks and potatoes and I made the salad. HIs house is all turned up-side down for the move. He showed me the trailer and the bins he is using to pack all his worldly possessions off to Florida.

After we had the food ready, we sat down to eat, using the ironing board for a table. This time I sat to his side. He was cautioning me about the instability, when just about the same moment, I crossed my leg under the ironing board and felt the release lever buckle when I hit it by accident.

The whole thing collapsed completely. It was happening in slo-mo: I watched the table fall, and the plates went to the edge, and then the food went spilling off the side at an angle, down to the floor. Noooooo!.....I was so hungry and it looked good. And there it was on the damn dirty floor! I cussed! Several times!

He cited the five-second rule for the steaks, which barely touched the floor, and had us throw away the salad and the potatoes. We were laughing and he congratulated us both on not getting angry. So I fixed another salad and he made some green beans and corn to sub for the potatoes. He said we could go ahead and eat the steaks while we were cooking. So we ate! And it was good! It was a full meal after all. During dinner we exchanged stories about driving cars into ditches when we were teenagers.

Later I needed to go to the pharmacy and get contact lens solution which I had forgotten at home. On the way over he explained how his mother came to see his point of view about his move. On the way back we looked at some Christmas lights on a big home and he talked about the time I told him most everyone our age is financially stable, and how it made him see something.....I didn't want him to misunderstand my comment, I wasn't trying to make him feel bad. So I told him last night, "You are smart, you are good-looking, you are have it all, everything you need to be successful..." I forgot to tell him that he also has something extra, which is the result of all the pain and growth he has experienced. He has such a beautiful mind, and kindness.

When we went to bed it was sensual, we were kissing and it felt very good - sexual, loving, hot, at the same time. He told me he didn't want to do the whole thing last night since he was tired and his stomach hurt, he wanted to save his energy for the morning, if I would want to do it then. I told him I would calm down then. So we lay there close, talking, and eventually I fell asleep really nice. It was such a peaceful sleep. By this time it was about 2 am....

The alarm rang at 7, and he went across the room to turn it off. I asked if he set it to ring on purpose, which he said yes. He already told me he had a business meeting at 1:00. So we got our slow start in the morning - a little talking, teeth brushing, coffee making.... before we got to the action.

All the feelings and impressions I had when we settled down to it.....Like I relaxed into it because it feels good to kiss him. I enjoy looking at him. Then I feel paranoid like if I am thinking or re-thinking something.... like, will I be able to have an ******? Because I know it is better for both of us if I do....What does it take for me to have that? Besides hormones, the emotional climate: what do I need? Am I going to let myself or not? Does it matter how he feels towards me? Can I relax and let go? I am skeptical of my orgasmic capacity, but not entirely....

So actually I did experience that pleasure with him. And I let him go and go. I wish I was multi-orgasmic because that is 'hot.' I nevertheless enjoyed all that feeling. It leaves me in a very far-away place. The other night, on a different night after that other story I wrote, we did it from the back. it was super-hot. It was so man-woman crazy, I love that!!! mmmmmm

When we drank our coffee he played YouTube videos for me. He played two by Juice Newton, "Angel of the Morning," and "Queen of Hearts." He talked about why he always liked Juice, the quality of her voice, how the singing comes from inside her....

Then, the best: he said, OK one more romantic song, then we go back to he hit the play button and gestured me to dance with him, and I didn't know what it was going to be.... then I heard the music and I made a noise of recognition, like oh my gosh! I go, "Ohhhhhh! that's a panty-dropper!".so we put our arms around each other and it was... it was..... "UNCHAINED MELODY"! Oh, yes, it was! Him. playing it. For me. That song. Do you know that song? Its very beautiful, very yearning, very loving. It was very unexpected that he played it for me.

I just kind of exclaimed, "Oh my gosh, oh what did you do, ohhhh, you get me with this one!" And I was laughing from surprise and delight, and we were holding each other and embracing. Standing by his computer table, this tall man and I, me standing tip-toe to reach him, him in his white t-shirt, me in my underwear....I was laughing and crying at the same time. We were kind of dancing, kind of standing, just being close together.

He is so effective at bringing those emotions out in me. it felt weird to have that feeling. No, it was such a good feeling. And the amazed part too. Does he really feel that for me? If he does, I am the luckiest person in the world :) I adore him. And why does he have to leave? We went back to bed then though and had a very lovely time. I told him how much I love the feel of his skin. He told me he's going to miss me. I said I'm going to miss him too. "A lot, a lot." He said he's going to miss the way I giggle and wiggle....I didn't tell him what I'm going to miss about him cause it's everything.

He was telling me some thoughts about taking action, how it doesn't matter the results, it matters the possibility. He compared it to how dogs will chase after a duck in the field whether they find it or not. They still take their actions because they could possibly find it....

His cat came up and laid on the bed with us after awhile. I told him I wanted to do something, and asked him to put his cat on my stomach and then get on top of me. So he did! He managed to do that in a way that didn't squash the cat. And I was laying there running my hands over him and the cat. That cat will do anything for him! She started flicking her tail between my legs and it really did feel sexy, so I told him to look at it. We had some more comments and was pretty silly, but it was sexy too....I really did feel satisfied by the sensuality of the cat and him and me together. He lets me when I want to do that stuff. It's good to feel free....

He kinda had to push me out the door today. He found us a video about why Israel needs to defend itself. We watched it, it was interesting, yet information-dense. We know some Jewish people, so that's why that conversation came up. I put on some makeup while he ironed his pants for the meeting. He noted that now it makes 11 months since we met last year on New Year's Eve....he hoped that he has been good in my life. I agreed that he has made an impact: He got me to quit smoking, I joined his leadership course, I can't even tell all the ways he affects my thinking and preoccupies my thoughts.

I will see him one more time before he leaves....he's coming over to bring me a printer to work on his business, and he's bringing his TV which he doesn't need to haul to Florida....I went to see a play with my neighbor and her daughter tonight, and fell asleep in the boring parts cause I only got 5 hours sleep last there's only room in my brain for him right now. This is my unchained melody.

ciemar ciemar
Dec 1, 2012