Well if you have read any of my posts from before you will see that i have tried again and again to find a girlfriend I found someone her name was Meghan. Me and her kinda fell through and broke up but anyway I found someone again her name is Dakota and I think things are going pretty well so far but that's another story. Now to the subject at hand intimacy, Dakota and I were at a friends house hanging out and were planning to spend the night there (separately). Me and how forgetful I am lost keys I had asked her to help me find them.The previous night I had sleep in my friends motor-home an the top rack I asked her to look there while I looked in my friends car I find them in the car and told Dakota to stop looking (now before I go on Dakota and I have a huge height difference she is 4'9" I am 5'11" so she needs help down) I help her on to the chair that was close to me and I wrap my arms around her waist at this point with her being on the chair she its standing at maybe 6'5" so she is taller than me so I say to her"do you like being taller then me for once" she replies "yes"at this point she has her arms on each side of my head and I'm looking up to her and I say how pretty she looks she bushes and puts her head down on mine I start taking a little bit later telling her how much she means to me and naming of things that made her adorable this whole time I'm wrapped around her so we're pretty close like inches away face to face but all the things I said to her I pretty much whispered when I told her how much she meant to me I swear she turned as red as a tomato. Now that was only the first intimate moment, later that night Dakota and I were laying in the upper rack together in a spooning position I was holding her hand and just laid there after a while I started to talk I started off by confessing something to her I had told her my sexual orientation (bi btw) she said that she accepts it because she supports lgbt so in a low kind of voice I told her that if she ever needs to tell my anything age can and I will do the same when I said that she had flipped on her stomach and I swear I had made her cry not of sadness but of happiness and pure trust after a minute or two she went back on her side with her face upwards I saw this as a sign to try to kiss her and I was right.
LcplSkeens LcplSkeens
22-25, M
Aug 18, 2014