I'v slept with about 200 guys cos i love sex, never managed to stay faithful in a relationship cos if i got the opportunity to shag someone id take it. Dont think its a bad thing and im happy!
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With all due respect..When I hear someone say that they've been with so many people..I always wonder how unhappy and insecure they truly must be with themselves..to not be able to attach to one person and have that true intimacy..no matter how they justify it or say that's they are happy with it and themselves..I always wonder how true that statement really is..just saying.

Im happy alrite, aint insecure in the slightest, just prefer to do what i want, when i want, with who i want

I hear ya - it's hard to stay faithful isn't it?

Totally is when your hearts not in it and your horny!

I think your what every man truly looks for

haha, tanx, its the only way to be!!

Yes I do agree