I am going to say what I am going to say, but don't take it out of context, I do not condone statutory rape, or **********.

Okay, that said, I do not think that age has anything to do with love.  I think that someone could be 18 or 120, if 2 people love eachother, they love eachother.  I think that's how it should be.  If I love someone, it's because of them, not because of how old they are, what color, or what sex.  I think love should be decided more from the heart.   Too many people are chosing to "love" those they decided to in their heads, instead of listening to what their hearts want.

There would be a lot more happier people if they used their hearts more than their heads.
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Addition: Race? I find African women for the most part physically very attractive and more so in the way they 'carry themselves' with self-respect demanding respect often lacking in 'whites' (and the same is true of most Asians). But that does not mean I rule pale-faces out!

Wow! Long time since 12th August! But I can agree with you that relative maturity counts. "At sixteen she kept her virginity - which is a record for this vicinity". I'd reckon about 14 the normal age of 'sex' getting more serious and concerned for each other than just finding out what the other one feels like - or for some might start homosexual scared of the other sex as yet but lead on to them. But that would be ideally with somebody a little bit older enough to know what they are doing for the younger person, not just showing their mates they can 'do it', and conversely where there's a huge age gap over the 'age of consent', that isn't a 'good' relationship either. If you really care about somebody vastly younger than yourself, the best you can do is to teach them to be fussy and demand more than the sex-maniacs of their own age are looking for, so that you lose them to somebody who'll care about them more than bragging how far he got (or 'does he have a car?') to their mates. Of course it applies both ways and one would hope that the teen does not develop to think of everything for them and nothing for the partner too.<br />
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I think that teen girls perhaps even more than boys want to go beyond the limits they are comfortable with, to discover exactly what those limits are because they are so subject to being told to expect themselves to be subject to what males demand and they know perfectly well that they have demands of their own!<br />
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Age has nothing to do with it directly, but experience and maturity able to think deep do. Age does have a bearing on experience and maturity of course, but there is many a 20 year old girl and even younger who often has a better grip on life than some over 50 who grew up in a very restrictive Holy Catholic environment afraid to say 'Boo' to a goose!

I agree for the most part. An 18 year old that's mature can certainly make that decision. It has more to do with the maturity of a person than the age. Our society really seems to put a big emphasis on age for some reason. In the past that wasn't the case.

I ag5ree and I agree too that there are many teenagers under the 'age of consent' - which varies from place to place - quite capable of enjoying sex with others of their kind or older. The criterion should depend on 'love'. meaning respct and being friends sharing interests together. On the whole, even a girl over the 'age of consent' at 17 does not share much with a man in his 40s purely because of her lack of experience (especially a virgin with fantasies of 'domination'!) I was there about 15 years ago with every man's [supposed] fantasy of a sex-crazed teenage virgin - and it was the worst bore of my life! Even she complained that "you want a relationship and I want sex". Love, yes, but Love is far more than sex.