The Little Things

Its that knowing glance she gives you,
The way she knows what you are thinking before you do,
Its the giggle that makes her snort a little,
And the way she makes your coffee perfectly in the morning.

Its those little things that drive you crazy,
But somehow make you love her that little bit more each day.
TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
26-30, M
14 Responses Feb 8, 2011

giggles4488- HAHAHAHA because I'm the favourite ;)<br />
<br />
RHSK143- HAHAHAHAHAHA I do know that, but he is a giant!!!!! Like an actual giant =)

Aha!!! Now I know why my laptop was in the closet :( You two have been up to NO good. AND HOW COME THE OLD MAN ALWAYS LET'S YOU OFF THE HOOK????? A dare, eh? Hahahaha, I will take the challenge ;) Btw, your post is excellent, I love it :)

HAHAHAHAHA phew!!!! have a point. Ok, you're off the hook but I'm still hiding her laptop!!!

Your 9 feet tall though, even if she stood on my shoulders we wouldn't be as tall as you. So we gotta fight dirty HEHEHEHE

Damn skippy I am... crap, now I have to go hide her laptop! You're as bad as your Mom is and it isn't fair having two against one!!

HEHEHEHE someone is scared I think =P I DARE Giggles HEHEHEHE ;)

STOP THAT! Umm... she's busy cooking and whatever else I can think of to keep her from seeing that. NO DARES, lol.

You hear that Mum, it was the Trooper's doing!!!! Get him Monkey Lady HEHEHEHEHE

Are you nuts? I don't think I want to know the "worst" she could do! You do have the advantage of being so far away. Problem is she's likely to do whatever it is to ME. When she can't get to you she pulls something wild on one of us!

HEHEHEHE she's short, whats the worst that could happen? HAHAHAHAHA

OMG you better hope she doesn't read that!

Mum and big don't really mix HEHEHEHEHE

I couldn't agree more, Reece. Lol, it's the BIG things I have to watch out for with your Mom ;)