I Can't Give Half My Heart

I had a girlfriend before, and it was a wonderful time. It didn't work out, and now I feel a little lonely. But that does'nt mean I will take the first person that comes along just to make myself feel better.
I know several young women who are attractive, talented, kind, and interested in me. In one way I know that if I started paying more attention to them they would enjoy it, and I love making people happy. I would have someone to talk to, and I love good conversation. But I know that at the end it wouldn't work out, and I would just end up breaking her heart. So I can't do it. I just have to believe that eventually someone will come along that truly matches with my heart, and I can go all the way. I don't really think it is right to give someone half of your heart and hold some back - that is what happened to me, and I was devestated when I learned the truth.
It's not just a game, and I don't feel right playing with other people's feelings.

Anyone else in this situation?
LoveHurtLearnGrow LoveHurtLearnGrow
22-25, M
May 24, 2012