Pull My Panties Down And Spank This Naughty Gir!

I haven't been spanked in quite some time. A few years actually. For someone who feels a deep desire to be spanked and punished - it's an eternity! So I was thinking back to the good old days when I was spanked......
One of my first spankings was with a man named Roger. He answered an ad I had put out wanting to be spanked. I was a young 18 year old girl determined not to repress the desires I had for another second!
He was a large man with a deep voice that commanded respect. We went to his home where we started off with a chat. I was so nervous I couldnt' drink my Coke - but I found him to be caring and at the same time very strict. We discussed some of the things I was doing wrong. Finally, he told me to get up and come to him. With shaking legs and sweaty palms, I made my way accross the living room to where he sat on the couch.
"Bend Over" he commanded. I did as I was told and slowly draped myself over his knees. He began by spanking me with his hand. The sound of his hand slapping my bottom filled the room. After a few moments, he pulled my skirt up to reveal my pantied bottom. Without much of a pause, he continued to spank and spank and spank. The spanks were getting harder with less time inbetween and i was starting to squirm.
"Stand up." He commanded after I had started to squirm and protest. I did with great releif!
"Panties down, NOW" I quickly yanked my panties down past my knees as he pulled me back over his lap. "Now the real spanking begins" he commented as he started to spank me with loud, hard SLAPS on my bare bottom. With each second my bottom was burned more and more. SLAP! SLAP! SLAPSLAPSLAPSLAP! He would spank hard and fast until I was wriggling and squealing in pain. Then he would give a few hard whacks, wait and start again. The whole time, he was lecturing me on my bad behaviour.
After a few minutes of this he pulled me off his knee and guided me to a corner. I was made to stand in the corner with my skirt raised to expose my spanked behind. He lectured me some more and told me he was going to fetch the paddle - and that it would be used on my bare bottom. I got butterflies in my stomach thinking about it - a little excited and very nercous as well.
After what seemed like forever I heard his deep, stern voice. "Amy, come here please." I dropped my rasied skirt and waddled to him, my panties still around my ankles.
"Bend over, NOW" his voice dared me to argue. I didn't. I quickly put my body over his lap. Without a word, he lifted my skirt and began paddling my bare bum. "Whack! Whack! Whack!" Each whack felt like fire! I had never been paddled before and was stunned at how much it hurt. It went like this "Whack!" Owwww"Whack!"OWWWW!!"Whack!"OWWWW!!!!" My howls of pain became one continuous "OWWW!!!" as he paddled me over and over and over again. Eventually as the paddling continued my yells became moans of pain. My backside felt like it was on fire. Whack!Whack! Whack!Whack! "Are you learning your lesson?" He barked.
"Ye..Ow! sssssss OWOWOW! Sir!!" It was impossible to answer at once becuase he continued spanking me. After using up all my energy wriggling, squirming, yelling and moaning I was exhausted. I started quietly sobbing with each resounding "Whack" of the paddle resigned to the fact that I would have to endure this spanking. After a few more hard spanks,it was over. Once again, I was led to the corner and told to stay there with my skirt raised and bare bottom exposed.
My but was so sore but I wasn't allowed to touch it. Roger lectured me some more and told me to stay in the corner and think about what I had done - and what the consequences were. "Did you learn your lesson?" He asked after awhile.
"Yes, sir" I replied my voice weak.
"Well just to make sure, we're going to end this punishment with the belt." He took me to the couch and bent me over. As he slid his belt through the loopholes, my stomach was in knots. I wasn't sure if I could handle this. Then suddenly I heard a "Whooooosh!"Followed by a "SMACK!" and a line of searing pain ripped accross my bare flesh. Again and again he whipped me with the belt. Each one followed by a yelp of pain from me. No matter which way I moved to try and dodge that belt it got me every time. Just when I thought I would go insane from the pain - it was over. I began to cry real tears and I made my way to the corner unaided.
"I think you've learned your lesson for today, young lady" said Roger as he put his belt back on. "Good for you - you took it well"
As I stood in the corner with tears falling down my cheeks, I felt good. I felt cleansed somehow. Even though my bottom was a red and sore - I felt great. I had found exactly what I needed.......... and I would be coming back for more.

comicgregjohnson comicgregjohnson
46-50, M
Nov 16, 2012